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Rabbits07 - May 8

My ds is 5 1/2 weeks. When I am in an upright position and have him up to my chest he moves he constantly pulls his head up and looks all around. When he's in tummy time he makes virtually no effort. He just keeps his little head down looking in whatever direction he was laid in. He does, however, get a good leg workout. He kicks those little legs and pushes them up in under him alternately...he looks like he would crawl off if he could get up on his arms, too. It is so cute! But anyway..last night he was doing tummy time and only once in about 10 minutes did he raise his head. Anybody else's baby seem disinterested in making the effort?


Bonnie - May 8

Yeah, that's actually pretty normal. Mine wouldn't even start until closer to 3 months. You are very lucky too.....10 minutes is great. Most will only stay on tummy a minute or two at most until they get ticked off. Just keept at it. :)


kimberley - May 8

very normal hun :) My lil was exactly the same.


Rabbits07 - May 8

You would think I would remember some of these things seeing as how this is #6 and the next youngest is only 3! Yeah, he seems to love his tummy time. I was talking to dh last night about the purpose of tummy time and we were laughing because all Mason seemed to be doing was getting a leg work out and rotating in a 360 degree circle. He snorts and grunts during all that action, but never has cried. I finally got him up after 10 minutes or he probably would have worn a whole in the blanket with all the kicking and turning. LOL


Bonnie - May 8

LOL I'm jealous....My Mason (great name btw, lol) hates it but I try everyday. :D


ry - May 9

Rabbits, my dd is just like you ds. She is almost 6 weeks and will just lay there during tummy time. Well i shouldn't say that she screams her head off and gets so upset i can't stand making her do it. she also puts her head flat down on the ground so she cant breathe. I hate tummy time!!!! Is is absolutley mandatory?


Rabbits07 - May 9

The tummy time is suppose to help them strengthen the muscles they use to hold their head up and also helps them gain dexterity as they begin rolling from tummy to back. Mason does the face in the blanket thing, too when I first lay him down. I usually have to turn his little head to the side or he would probably stay that way. I've lucked up this time with him not minding the tummy time, most babies do hate it. Of course, I don't guess I would like laying flat on the floor only able to look in one direction either!


Renea - May 15

My little guy used to love tummy time. He will be 2 months on the May 22. This last weekend, whenever I put him on his tummy, he would roll over. Little booger is too little to be doing this!! So, I would say to keep putting the little ones on their tummy-it really does increase their strength!


Shanna - May 22

My daughter hates being on her tummy. Sometimes she will hold herself up for awhile and she did roll over a few times, but other times I'll put her down and she'll just keep her head in either direction and cry. she will pull her legs under like shes trying to crawl.


Sarahsmommy - May 22

ry, try putting a mirror under her for her to look at herself in, babies love "other" babies. Rabbis07 babies love faces more then anything else, maybe that's why he trys so much harder when he's on your chest.



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