More Drama I Must Vent This One S For You Narcissus

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Heavenly - July 1

Man oh man! I have been so stressed lately. Ever since my daughter was known to be in my belly my relatives have been feuding! My sister is such a big baby. She is always stirring up stuff. For example, she always insists that people don't like her. She does this all the time and it drives me crazy. She especially does this with my sister n law. She thinks that my Sis n law is in compet_ton with her as far as buying the baby stuff. Don't get me wrong, the baby gets alot of stuff outta this between the two of them but I would rather get nothing than to have to deal with this c__p. My sis n law is not in any way trying to compete. She is tripping on my sister if anything...actually she has grown not to like her anymore. Just this past month all the family was at our place celebrating my daughter's 1st birthday. My sister found out that my sis n law bought a few decorations, a pinata, and a cake was bought by one of my husband's cousins. My sister ran off at the mouth and pouted the whole time she was here. She would hardly even speak to me. The one thing that she did say was to tell me that my sis n law could just buy everything for next year too. I was so upset and hurt. I mean what the h__l!!! My sister and I had spkoe before the party and I had told her that I did not want her to buy anything for the party because the week prior she bought a new car seat and a video camera for us. That was way enuff. She wanted to buy the cake but I had planned to make one. Well another member of the family (the cousin) wanted to buy her a Dora cake as a present. She flew off the handle because she wanted to be the one to buy it. Then just yesterday she said that she knew that my daughter was going to like the sis n law better because she is younger and more beautiful! Geez man, I am going to have a dang fit! This lady is 47 years ols and she acts like she is 15 or something. I don't have the back bone to stand up and bless her out because I don't want to hurt her feelings. I know how fragile she can be but damn what about my feelings? All be dang if my daughter is gonna grow up seeing this c__p! All the while my sis n law has kept her cool and not said anything. I just don't understand why my sister thinks she and everybody else hates her. UGH!!! Sorry I know this is long but I just had to vent!


Narcissus - July 2

Heav, that sucks big time. It sounds like your sister is having a mid-life crisis and is living vicariously thru you & your daughter bc she does not have kids of her own...Or does she? I'll bet if she did, she would not care so much about something so petty as to who gets to buy gifts for whom. My only advice is to ignore it completely and don't get dragged down into the drama. It sounds super lame! Did you figure out how many weeks you are?? How are you feeling?


HannahBaby - July 2

me and my mother do this all the time. When ever my inlaws are in town (they live 12 hours away) my mom is in psycho mode. When they were here 2 years ago they bought Hannahs crib (i was only a few months pregnant) they always give us money, and they were here in april and bought me the double stroller that i wanted. My mom gets so jealous and out of hand when they are here it drives me crazy. I feel your pain



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