Morning After Pill

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hmreyna - January 13

Ok, so my ds is 10.5 months and this month I forgot to get my prescription for BC refilled. I should have started the pill last Sunday, but didnt have it. So I just thought we will be safe. Well, today my husband and I had intercorse and I completely forgot a condom!! He did pull out but I am freaking out! And of course I am feeling crampy... I pray that it is in my mind and not ovulation. Anyway, what do you ladies know about the morning after pill?? Or honesly, have any of you gotten preggo with pulling out?? I took an ovulation test and there was def. a line but it wasnt as bold as the test line. It was a first respone one and the package says 'no LH surge if the result line is lighter than the test line. IS THIS TRUE. B/c when I saw the line a freaked out. I know it would be ok but to have 2 that close in age!!!!! Let me know your thoughts please!!


krnj - January 13

I don't know about the morning after pill but I'm going to have 2 close together. My son is about 10.5 months like yours and I'm due the end of July! Guess I'll be one busy mama! lol Anyway sorry I can't help!


Rabbits07 - January 13

The line HAS to be as dark as the test line or darker to mean you are ovulating....I have read that sometimes the line will be lighter when close to ovulation and then get darker. My husband and I have used the pull out method for nearly 18 years...don't fret yet, lol....and the only time I have EVER gotten pregnant was when he DIDN'T pull out. That's not to say it is impossible though as I have read that it's totally possible. As for the morn after pill, in my view it can be an easy to get method of abortion which I don't believe in so that's all I have to say about it.


jb - January 13

I thought that if you were to take the morning after pill, that you had to take it within the first 24-48 hours, or something like that.


Rabbits07 - January 13

Rather that is that when the line is as dark as or darker than the test line you will be ovulating within like 24-36 hours.


Kara H. - January 13

Sperm can live for up to five days in the reproductive tract. You need to call your ob ASAP if you don't want to chance it. You have to take it within 24-48 hours to shead your lining so their is nothing for the fertilzed egg to implant into. I can't remember if I heard this from a reliable source, but I swear somebody told me that their OB called them in a script for a certain high dose BCP and told them to take the first five days worth at once. For some reason the person telling the story didn't want somebody who worked at the pharmacy to see her fill a script for PLAN B. But as I said call your ob's answeing service if you don;t want to chance it. I know for fact I got pregnant when I had s_x 4 days before ovulation. We were actively trying and tracking my ovulation. We only has s_x the first day of my fertility window, then I got the flu and did not want to be touched. I continued tracking since I was hoping that one time would be enough and it was!


hmreyna - January 13

Thanks ladies, I am just a worry wort and everything is prob. ok. but it just scares the hell out of me to even think about having another one already!! Rabbits07 I have also heard from another reliable source that they used the pull out method for years and nothing happened. I really dont know my views on morning after pill b/c I havent done any research on it, but this all happened this afternoon so I still have time!!


olhdw101 - January 13

Don't count on the morning after pill, I still got pregnant after taking it, I took it with in 12 hours after having s_x and it didn't work, I believe it's only 75% effective.


EMBERBABY - January 13

I was on bc pill for three years was going to change pill brand and I had to wait 2 weeks before starting new pill. Well in those 2 weeks we had intercourse using pull out method. Well to make a long story short my lo will be 4 months on the 16th =0) I don't know about you but pull out didn't work for us, but now I see my lo's toothless smile and am SO glad. Good lu ck!


hmreyna - January 14

I just took another ovulation test.... 100% positive OMG!!


vonzo - January 14

The morning after pill has to be taken within 72 hours of intercourse to be effective. The sooner you take it the more effective it's meant to be. I took it when i was 16 and i felt rotten for 2 days, much like the early signs of pregnancy, nausea, tired bla bla but it's just the amount of hormones in your body. It's a personal choice wether you want to take it or not and noone can tell you yes or no or it's right or wrong. I took it because I knew at 16 I was not ready to have a baby, i used protection but it burst. I am happy to say that i now have the most gorgeous 3 and a half month old daughter 7 years later :o)



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