Mother Hobbies

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Toya - November 2

I thought I'd start a thread so we can share some of our lives outside of motherhood. What are your hobbies? I like to do hair, cardio kickboxing, and I like to dance. I am starting a salsa class this saturday.


Kathryn - November 2

I like crafting, sewing, cooking, baking and my favorite, playing with my son. The first four doesn't get done as much as I would like, but I always find time to play with my son. Motherhood is my hobbie.


Lissi - November 2

You have time for hobbies?! How is that possible?


Mommy - November 2

I love reading. I do it in the bathtub at night when the boys are asleep. That the only time I can lol I'm busy all day. But I like to read out loud to the boys too. Oh and taking walks. I bring the boys along with me when I do that too. Hmmmmm, this don't sound like outside motherhood to me. LOL. Then again we are all moms...


bmom - November 2

i like to sell stuff on ebay while my son naps


Steven's Mom - November 2

Before my baby was born my husband and I use to go 4 wheeling on our ATV's. We recently got a hot tub so when Steve is sleeping we will sneak in there (of course I have a monitor so he is always being watched) I like to bake,listen to music. Fishing is fun too.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 2

I also like doing hair (just graduated from school in March) I have just started sc___pbooking (so addictive!!!) I love spending time with family and I love watching all of the CSI shows! None of these compare to spening time with Amaya though, its my favorite!!!


Jbear - November 3

I sew quilts and doll clothes. I also crochet, read a lot, and keep two aquariums. Lately I've been teaching Valerie, my 3 year old, to bake cookies, and we've been making salt clay Christmas ornaments together.


Jamie - November 3

I cross-st_tch and bake. I'd love to get back into a daily routine of working out, but haven't been able to yet.


Toya - November 3

Stephanie, that is awesome that you just finished school! I like your hair cut btw. I want badly to attend the Marinello School of Beauty and also become licensed. How long did it take you to finish?


wenling - November 3

I love inline skating. Used to do it everyday(almost) before i found out i was pregnant. now i try to go once a week with DH. thinking of going back to teaching it for some spare cash :) maybe... but still... my son is my top priority! He goes almost everywhere i go and I don't actually have a lot of time to spare...


wenling - November 3

oh.. i'm really really vain too. I love making people up too and considered taking a beauty but it has alot of stuff that i didn't care for too... like hair.. i can't do it... so i kinda gave up. I shall just stick to dolling myself up..


Liana - November 3

I work A LOT, and go to school for nursing, therefore no hobbies ;-)


Narcissus - November 3

I am hobby-less right now, but as soon as my in-laws move here, I plan to work as a Guardian Ad Litem for the court system. It is a volunteer position where you represent displaced/abused/neglected children in the court system. Basically, you represent the child and the child's interests. Most states have this program if anyone is interested.


Shelly - November 3

Oh boy!!! First of all like all the other mommies here my #1 is my son Jesse.Then i love to go to this website.IF i have time i like to paint,make floral arrangements,sc___pbooking and decorating.i also love to shop,but once again everything goes to the baby now.I have a trip planned for this weekend to go to toys R'us


Kerry - November 3

I agree with lissi I use to have lots of hobbies but my girl takes most of my time


leslie - November 3

I like going out to Dinner with hubby one or 2 times a week, I like to paint, I like to come here ( I guess is still mother-related) and I like to shop.. lately I've been doing online shopping only B/c its hard to take this little booger to the mall!



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