Mother In Law Gave My 7 Week Old Jello Water

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margie - January 30

So, last night I'm at her house and she is telling me all these crazy things!!! Like for example she says she thought she was sick because she was kinda snorting her nose and sneezing but she's done both of those things since the day she was born and always seems very healthy besides (ive told her this before also...), she says that "when a baby is sick you shouldn't give her any formula because the milk makes them sicker, you just give them pedialyte" and then she says "when we were little my mom would give us jello water for stomach aches". OK, well first of all....the part about not giving a practically newborn infant no food because she is sick is CRAZY and you're not even supposed to give them water at this age!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe the c__p she was this is where I get PISSED!!! I was sitting in her living room and she comes out and gives me this wierd look--like a 2 year old when they know they are doing something wrong and they are smiling because they know it kind of look--and I see she has this yellow c__p in a bottle feeding it to my baby!!! I was like "WHAT IS THAT???"----She was giving her that damn jello water! But get this, my baby was not even sick, and even worse she was already constipated before this and I had just gotten her back to regular poopys and then this morning it was harder again.....I feel like I can't trust her with her granddaughter anymore and it makes me feel terrible because we used to get along so well but this is a complete lack of trust because this not the first time she has done something like this...when she was about 3 or 4 weeks old I told her specifically that I dont think babies that age are to ever be given water and I came into the other room one day to see her giving her a bottle of water saying she was "thirsty" and soon as I walked in poor Anjelica started choking really bad because she didnt even know how to swallow water yet!! UGGGH, I had to vent, NOW I know why people complain about mother in laws because although me and Tony aren't married technically we live as though we are and I always got along with her great until I had the baby...and oh man, do I have some crazy ass stories to tell about this woman. The messed up thing about the jello incident is that she never said that SHE gave jello water to her babies...she said her mom did when they were little, but I'm sure even if she did it was when they were toddlers not an infant! Do you think that the water she had will hurt her? I mean besides the fact that it made her constipated again....


reblurich - January 30

the water will not hurt her. The biggest thing is choking. I definately know the feeling about mother in laws driving you crazy.


margie - January 30

oh ya, i wasn't so concerned about it hurting her because its just water and jello...but its more just the fact that she didnt ask me, also because she was constipated already and from what i understand jello water is for diahreah...oh well, glad im not the only one with the crazy mother in law, at least shes really nice most the time


reblurich - January 30

yeah I don't think I would be leaving my lo with my mother in law if she was doing stuff like this without asking you. My little guy had a stomach ache the other night, so DH and I were up with him most of the evening. MIL stopped by and kept say to our lo oh it is ok grandma knows what she is doing. I had already told her that he had a stomach ache and that as soon as he pooed he would be fine. Oh but she new best and kept telling everyone that grandma new how to get the gas out of his stomach and that grandma would take care of him. I told my dh then maybe she needs to come back and stay up with him all night:)


tish212 - January 30

wow that sucks...we have had to water down alexas b___st milk once or twice while she was constipated... but water and jello? that's crazy I woulnt dream of doing anything like that...I'm sorry u have to deal with that c___p... I'd flip out on my mil if she ever did that... she is babysitting alexa for the first time sat night but I know she is gonna be walking on egg shells while she does it cuz I haven't had her babysit yet and she wants to make a good impression... however I won't allow her friend to watch her ill go into that more later... gotta run for now sorry u have to deal with this...that is terriable timing for issues ya know?


sphinx - January 30

wow... I must be extremely lucky because my MIL always respected my judgement and always made it a point to make me feel that parenting was an individual thing and I should only do what I felt was right by my own instinct... My only complaint about my MIL is that when she baby sits them she forgets to feed them and by the time I get them back they are starving!


coco797 - January 30

It's good to know that I'm not the only one having problems with their MIL. Margie~I normally get along great with my MIL, but ever since my lo was born, she does things that make me mad. First it was putting a knife under my daughter's matress cause apparently it chases the evil spirits away. I don't really mind, but it was the fact that she never told me she was going to do it. My FIL was the one who told me that my MIL's family was going to do that because they did it with my husband. I think she should have at least told me herself that she was going to do it. What if I was against it? Also, whenever she watches my daughter for a little while so I can shower or something, she asks me for her pacifier. I told her how many times that I don't want dd using a pacifier but still she asks for it and every time I need to tell her no. I don't why she can't get it that I don't want her having a pacifier. ANd every time dd cries, she asks what's wrong. It makes me feel like she thinks I can't take care of her on my own. Like last night I was taking 2 bottles of bm out of the fridge so I could consolidate the 2 and she immediately says "don't give it to her cold." duh!!!! I'm not stupid. Sorry....I just needed to vent and complain


melissap - January 30

Wow..water will not hurt your baby, it can help in constipation but where do these people of that generation beleive that sugar is good for infants. My cousins inlaws tried to put syrup on the baby's pacifier because they were crying and were always trying to give them juice. No offense but I think I would be saying if you can't follow a couple of simple rules then you won't be having the baby. I mean pick your battles with your inlaws but when it comes to feeding and such it is your decision and when you say no they should respect you ...not to mention giving your baby pure sugar with some water. I feel for you. My inlaws and I battle monthly over something pertaining to do with the kids and I always win because I just remind them that we are the parents and they will not be going back to visit. My son has allergies and they insist that it is in my head and feed him whatever and I get to deal with it.Stand firm


tish212 - January 31

I'm not arguing cuz each mom has their own beliefs but I occasionaly put syrup on alexas bippy...and when we go out to dinner I put a drop or two of pepsi on it...just enough to put a sweet taste in her mouth...she loves it and will stay content for a while after. also I was advised to use karo syrup for constipation...and it worked... babies love the taste of sugar cuz bm is super tastes like watered down sugar milk. ... but to further explain my mils best friend (the stupid old hag) she went out to dinner with us one day and quized me left and u have a blanket to wrap her up in when we go outside she I looked at her and said no what do I need that for its not that cold out and besides I keep the windows rolled down while I drive I like the fresh air...(bare in mind it was like 20 degrees out...) she got irratated then (but come on she was basically a__suming I was too stupid to know how to care for my baby) then at dinner she told me I had to rub alexas back often cuz babies lose circulation in their backs frm sleeping on them all the time...and I told her alexa doesn't sleep on her back all the time...she likes to sleep on her side in my arms and on her tummy when shes on my chest... and she flipped out on me screaming u never put a baby on its stomach...and I calmly stated back yes as long as shes in my arms and I'm watching her she can be on her stomach what the hell u think they made tummy time mats for? she then proceeded to tell me I must be lacking in sleep and needed to take a nap to get my head straight that she would take alexa with her for the day... I laughed at her and told her point blank that my daughter was going NOWHERE with her...and that I woul never let her just take alexa away from mil finally interjected and told her that she knew there was no way I was gonna let alexa outta my sight and that she was wrong to imply I couldn't handle my daughter what makes it worse is this woman gave up her sons to another family cuz she didn't want the burden..and shes gonna tell me how to raise my daughter wth!? thankfully my mil knows I can't stand her (the bestfriend) and we don't have to spend much time around eachother... and thankfully my mil knows I can do just fine with my daughter....


Krissy25 - January 31

My MIL has given her fair share of unwanted advice, but even worse i feel like my baby is in some sort of compet_ton with my dh when he was a baby. My MIL has a story for every little thing about him and it is always one up from mine. It even started before she was even born. I had a miscarriage and she tells me about hers and how it was so bad she was in the hospital for a week. I had some morning sickness and so did she but hers was so bad she fainted everyday and lost the 10lbs she had worked so hard to put on for the past 10 years b/c she was underweight. (She is def. not underweight now) I go to the hospital b/c my water broke and i needed a c-section b/c she was breech and guess who shows up not even 5 min. after we get there (even though i said not to) and telling me about how my dh was breech also and they both almost died during the birth, (just what every mom about to give birth wants to hear) But it's not just dramatic stuff it the milestones too. My dd started to smile and she tells me how my dh was giggling at 4 weeks. My dd can start holding her head up and she tells me how my dh was rolling across the floor at 6 weeks. I went to check out a preschool ( i know it's early my dd is only 6 moths but they were having an open house) i mistakingly told her i went and she tells me how the preschool my dh went to told her he was to advanced and needed to go to a preschool for advanced kids. Now my dd has a cold and i do not want to tell my MIL this. I will not only get a story about how my dh was sicker and had to go to the hospital often as a baby (she has told me this 20 times already) i will be asked 100 questions about what i am doing to make her feel better and then she will follow it with a list of things she did for my dh when he was sick. She is a nice person but she drives me crazy sometimes. Why can't anything just be about my dd, why does she have to tell me all these stories? I'm probably overreacting but my own mother does not do this, in fact she has never compared my dd to myself as a baby. Ok i feel better getting that off my chest, sometimes i just need ot vent a little.


angeev - January 31

I feel so badly for you about this. My MIL is the type that is overly nice and helpful. When she comes to stay with us it can be rough and stressful because she does overstep her bounds. BUT the difference is she knows she does it and once she realizes she has, she will step back and apologize...thinge are so different now I don't know what to do but I am just doing my best with what I know....and so on. Yes, it is annoying, but I know she has good intentions. Sounds like your MIL, though maybe not malicious, doesn't have what is best for everyone in mind.


chocomama - January 31

Margie, i totally understand where you're coming from. I've had my share of craziness with my MIL. Krissy25 i feel as you do that my 9 month old son is competing with his own father in my MIL mind. My husband and I do not allow my MIL to babysit our son. I'm literally live a "Lifetime Scenario" in connection with my MIL. And yes i thought it was bad but then when I had my son it escalated worse. She hates the fact that he looks like me she only wants him to look like her, she tells me when i babysit don't call me i'm shutting off my phone and i'll bring him back to you when i get good and ready. (one reason why she's not babysitting him) She's starting all kinds of rumors about me and lies that's so ridiculous. The sad part about it is that I really liked her until I found out that for the past 6 years she's done nothing but defamed my name. So to everyone who;s going through MIL drama in connection to our children STAND YOUR GROUND and make sure she knows who the parents are!!!!!!


CgGirl - February 1

Ladies! I am so glad I found this post! I'm 26 weeks pregnant and the big drama has already started! In fact, my pil were always like that, but now they are even starting to tell us what we should buy! And they are the kind of people who always remind us of their "tremendous generosity" in general sooooooooooo... I told my husband that we don't want anything from them cause I don't want my daughter to have to hear about it for the next 20 years!!! Krissy25: I hear you totally. At Christmas, we visited my pil and my mil couldn't stop telling me how she was in labour for 3 days (i.e. pushing). YEAH RIGHT! And how there were no u/s and no Csections... whatever! I am kind of worried of how this is going to go since even if we live far enough, drama queen always finds her way to annoy me and my patience is VERY low!!!


Prego1 - February 2

Have u ladies noticed that our MIL got worse when we got pregnant and had a baby? Mine did....she was already kind of bad before that but now we don't even talk anymore.


Krissy25 - February 2

Like i said before my MIL has always been nice and i know she really wanted to be a grandma but i do believe there are some jealousy issues. It's like she just has to let me know and others that she went through the same thing only it was more dramatic in some way. I love my dh and i think she is smart but rolling across the floor at 6 weeks? Yeah right. Talking at 4 months? Give me a break. I just smile and nod, there is no use trying to tell her that is not possible or maybe after 33 years she has gotten confused about when things happened. I mean hell i can't remember when my daughter started to do some things and she is only 6 months old. I have to write these things down.


jacobsmom - February 2

Hi ladies. I had the same/ similar issues with my mil. This is what I did: whenever she started one of her comparison stories I would take my son and go "oh, punkin, did you hear what grandma said? she thinks you're slow/ not smart enough/ too much work/ etc. what do you think? should we go home/ away/ for a walk? you know MOMMY loves you, even if mean old grandma thinks you're not as smart as daddy was...." The whole time I was "talking" to my son, but grandma got the hint fairly quickly. I think I only had to do it twice :-)


jenna32 - February 4

i'm told the same kind of things ALL THE TIME. Times have really changed,things to do with babies always change but older generations seem to think they know whats best for my baby to, i just ignore it and find out the actual facts on the latest news. They have done a lot more studies since then and everything advances.



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