Mother N Law Watching Newborn Please Help

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TC - October 14

I need some advice.... My mother-n-law just asked if she could babysit my 6 wk old son for a day and I said no. My husband and I prefer that only the two of us watch him until he is 3mos. However, I feel so quilty and I do not want her to feel excluded. Should we grin and bear it and let her watch him? Or do you guys think that I should stick to our decision. Any input would be great.


Jamie - October 14

Stick to it, and tell her why. But, invite her to spend a day with baby at your house with you there.


Bonnie - October 14

Stick to it if you feel more comfortable. Just let her know it's not her, that you both are just not ready to leave the baby yet :)


Mel - October 14

You should do whatever makes you comfortable, but when my mother-in-law wants to watch our baby, (she's 6 wks also) I just remember that she raised and took care of my husband and his brothers just fine, they turned out okay, and she takes extra good care of her granddaughter :-)~ If it makes you feel uncomfortable, then wait till your ready. Good Luck.


Kelsey - October 14

If that is how you and your husband feel, don't change for anyone. I would be really nervous having someone watch my 6 week old. Your baby isn't going anywhere and neither is your mother-in-law, you are the child's parent, you make the decisions. If her feelings get hurt, she will get over it. Don't let people try to change you, you are the mother.


monica - October 14

I understand...let her visit the baby. I would never let my MIL take care of my 11 week old.... maybe when he is 1 year old....but I have my reasons... she has not showed me that she can be as responsible as I would like her to be.


TC - October 15

Thank you everyone for all of your responses. You know Mel I can not even think of how she raised my husband because his grandmother raised him. His mother lived in the same house with them sometimes, but his grandmother is the one who made him into the man that he is. I guess apart of me does not really trust his mother considering she is a "rolling stone" and can be absent minded as well. However, with this said I still want to make sure that my son knows and spends time with my MIL just as much as he spends with my mother and my husbands grandmother. It is funny though, my mother or my grandmother-in-law would not even think of taking my son at such a young age. They would not even ask. Go figure.


Jbear - October 16

This is a first baby issue. Once you have a second one, you're ready to hand the kids over to just about anyone so you can get a few minutes of silence and sanity. Make sure you don't offend your MIL, so when you're ready for her to babysit she's still willing.


TC - October 16

Jbear, I hear what you are saying but I do not think that this is a first issue baby. This is the first child that I gave birth to, but not the first that I have to raise. I also teach infants and toddlers and feel really strongly about that first 3mo of life bond. By the way I called my MIL today and explained again and apologized just in case I was sarcastic and b___hy. Tommorrow we are all going to church together, so she will have some time to spend with him and to show him around.


Ashley - October 16

if you feel you are fine then sure stick to how you feel and dont feel guilty, hes your child you have no reason to feel bad!



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