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Christy - November 27

I would like to hear about your experiences with family and friends who push their childrearing advice/comments on you. My mom is convinced that I am going to freeze Ben to death and that I don't put enough layers of clothing or blankets on him. She thinks he will catch a cold. I point out to her that I always had colds growing up, and her only response is that it would have been worse if she hadn't bundled me up as she did. My MIL, on the other hand, seems to think that he should be held everytime he makes a peep. I think she is afraid he is going to choke lying on his back in the crib. Would anyone elese like to share their stories?


I know - November 27

When my 9 yr old is holding the baby my mil keeps telling him to be careful not to cover his mouth cause he can't breathe. And whenever I pick up the baby she looks at me as if I am not supporting his neck enough.She'll also keep hinting to me his diaper feels wet, even though I just changed him. I know this is all minor c___p but I am sooooo easily annoyed.


Liana - November 27

my MIl also tells me that I constantly undeerdress arianna and she will freeze with the air conditioning " b__wing on her" constantly. I started to annoy me, and I showed her a baby care book that I had, as there is extensive research showing that it is not good to over heat baby because that increases the risk of sids, has anyone else heard of that???? most mothers I know also told me they read that. Anyway maybe you can show her some research like that. As far as your MIL , tell her you want him to learn to soothe himself... thast what I did when everyone ran to ariana's rescue when she just cooed....


TC - November 27

OMG! Where do I begin? My MIL & GMIL thinks that my 3mo son is overweight. He was 9lbs 9oz at birth and 14lb 4oz at his 2mo checkup. They think he is overweight bc he does not look like an "average" 3mo old. They think that I overfeed him and that I need to give him water when he is hungry so that he could loose weight. My GMIL thinks that I should not let him sleep on his back and should put blankets on him while he is in crib sleeping. I put him in a sleep sack to sleep. They drive me absolutely crazy. I told my husband that one day I am just going to flip and they are all going to have to deal with my wrath.


Liana - November 27

TC, I'm sorry for laughing, really but I am also sorry for you!!!! I can't believe They are telling you he is overweight and to give him water!!!!! Thats CRAZY!!!!! From my experience older women usually want to feed babies until they burst!! My GMIL won't stop feeding my baby!!!!!! I bet you will flip out one day!!!! good luck ;-)


FF - November 27

TC, how awful for you! Since when do babies need to lose weight?! If they are chubby it means they are healthy and growing! My mil is ok most of the time but my sister is constantly giving me helpful little "hints" (orders) to do things the way she did.... 28 years ago! YEAH RIGHT!!!


Jbear - November 27

My mom always thought my first daughter's diaper was soaked, no matter how recently I had changed it. She doesn't do that with my younger daughter, but she always asks how I expect the baby to sleep without a comforter, and reminds me that doctors are usually more trouble than they're worth. My FIL, when I was still talking to him, thought my older daughter was bowlegged...I think anyone walking around with a wad of diaper between their legs would look a little bowlegged.


Christy - November 28

TC- okay, your story takes the cake. I can't believe they think your baby is overweight! Well, considering that they had babies when women were discouraged from gaining more than 15 pounds to keep the baby's weight down, I guess it makes sense. I also like the family members who think the diapers are wet. I'd tell them to change it if they were so sure- lol!


TC - November 28

See, my in-laws think that I "made" my son big bc I am overweight and bc a lot of women are in my family as well. They think I ate like a cow and that is why he was born "fat" . I only gained 17lbs while I was pregnant and I am happy that my husband went on every doc. visit so that I had a witness. Also, both me and my husband was 9lbs at birth so my son was probably going to big no matter what. Oh and another thing that my GMIL think is.... I had a c-section bc I am American. Even though I labored to 8cm and he got stuck!!! She said that bc I am big I should have been able to deliever him v____ally and that there is no way my pelvis was too small. She says that in her day women delivered big babies v____ally all the time with no problem, so it must be an American thing. They are nice people but so crazy!


Damiens mom - November 28

My mom drives me crazy.She is just like your mom.Plus she always trying to take over and not let me take care of my son. She wants to do everything for me.Don't get me wrong I appreciate all the help I can get but sometimes it's too much.


Jamie - November 28

I was just told by my mom's neighbor's daughter that if I don't put my 4 month old daughter in her crib at night now, she'll sleep with me until she's 6. Mind you, my mother's neighbor's daughter has, like everyone else I know, never laid eyes on my daughter.


Sarah - November 28

My IL's drive me nuts too. They say shes always too hot-just b/c I put socks on her, they still can't believe I put her to sleep on her back, and they think I feed her too often, she won't take a bottle and they act like they can't believe she doesn't need cereal yet(shes 3 months) and very healthy!


J - November 28

Mine act like I don't keep the baby warm enough and that he isn't eating enough???


Heather - November 28

Ive got the best one...My MIL told me to rub Whiskey on my daughters gums for teething pain! oh, and she said exact words "For my boys I used to put some Whiskey in their bottles at night when they were fussy so they would sleep better, you should do that it is much better than the dr's always recommending tylenol for everything - you dont want to over use that!" I gave my daughter tylenol once cause she kept waking up with pain in her gums! Oh, and im so sick of hearing "she's gonna catch a draft" How in the world do you 'catch' a draft! errr!


Jamie - November 28

You should give your infant whiskey, but not overuse Tylenol??? LOL and, I think you catch a draft with a baseball glove?


momma - November 28

my mil is always saying baby is too warm or cold and adding or removing layers or wrapping dd in a blanket. she say i feed her too much but then gives her crackers and cookies and even suckers to munch on (at least she watches her close) mil's sister gave my dd holiday nog other then that they are great if i want advice i will ask and no offense to them but it will most likely be my cousins/friends with babies areound the same age as my dd (there is 9 babies and 3 on the way)


Christy - November 28

I know. I have told my mom that viruses and bacteria cause illness, not cold. Yes, cold can lower one's immunity, but it does not cause illness. Unforunately, she cannot be reasoned with in this matter. She believes what she believes a bit fiercely and blindly, and in spite of evidence to the contrary. Her response would be, "Well, you and your sister came out fine." How do you argue with that? Ugh.



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