Mothers Taking Care Of Themselves In 2006

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Toya - January 10

Okay, we all know that exercise, eating right, and proper rest is a necessity for good health and sanity! The only thing is that it is so hard to get up the motivation to do these things...especially when you're cleaning house, running after baby, taking care of DH, and maybe even working outside of the home. One of my New Year's Resolutions was to take care of I plan to do a short 30 minute work-out 4 times per week and to eat wholesome foods, and eat a balanced diet! I want something that I can stick with for the rest of my I will not eliminate anything from my diet...just everything in moderation...and junk food scarcely. It would be nice if those who share the same goal as me to post what things they plan on doing...and if somehow we can get an accountability buddy system going on...cause I really want to start this year off right with great habits I can pass on to my daughter...any input?


Jamie - January 10

I'll join in. I have a horrible addiction to soda. I was doing so well! But, I've begun cheating...I had a soda yesterday, and one today, and I want another one really badly.


Toya - January 10

Oh main goals are to NOT skip any meals....this is so easy when you're so get atleast 8-10 hours of sleep everynight...To drink more water and eat less processed foods. To remember to take my multivitamin supplement. To be toned and fit! So today I will be doing 20 minutes of a work-out tape; 100 squats, 100 calf-raises, and 100 lunges!


Toya - January 10

Jamie, now that I've been working outside of the home I've been eating the white chocolate reeses peanut b___ter cups every single day!!! This is so not healthy! Thanks for joining in!


Jamie - January 10

I eat cause I'm bored. I'm getting the baby enrolled in daycare, so I'll have time to do stuff - maybe take a cla__s or get a parttime job or go to the gym or something, that doesn't involve carting around an infant.


KrisD - January 10

I'm addicted to the treadmill - a good addiction, I suppose. And it sort of mesmerizes the baby so I bring him in the room with me and I can usually crank out 3+ miles. Really keeps me sane. But something horrible I have been sneaking on the back deck... Cigarettes. I had quit for more than a year too. I'm so mad at myself! And I do skip meals but then pig-out at night/dinner.


Toya - January 10

Kris, we have a work-out room in our apartment complex that no one ever uses. I go every now and then...I think I'll take the baby with me, she probably will enjoy it!!! and she'll keep me company!


Jamie - January 10

Oooh, Kris, you gotta stop smoking! I quit not quite a year ago, and I want one sooooooo badly...but that's one temptation I avoid, cause I know that even 1 drag will get me addicted again.


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - January 10

I too have resolved to be healthier. I am not sure how I am going to do this but I know I am. I am not dieting (because dh is a picky eater and it is too costly to diet) I have cut back on sodas quite a bit (only 1 a day now, I was up to like 3 or 4) Last night I had a really good chicken dinner that dh liked, it was chicken b___st, broccoli, carrots, cheese, corn and some pasta. I know that alot of this stuff is bad for you but its much better than Mcdonalds or something. Today we went to pizza hut and I skipped the breadsticks and had a salad. I am not sure how I want to exersize but not sure when, loud noises freak amaya out, she hats the b__wdryer, vaccuum cleaner, treadmill and everything else. Its too cold to walk outside so I am not sure?!?!?


FF - January 10

My best friend is getting married in September, and the bridesmaid's dresses are these beautiful slinky satin numbers... So I want to be fit and look great for that, but I also just really want to get back in shape. I've vowed to take a walk at least three times a week, eat healthier meals, and to do something just for me once every two weeks- like get my eyebrows plucked or take the time for an at home spa night!


logansmommy - January 10

I would love to join!! My new years resolution is to eat healthy and try to work out more!! I need all the motivation and support I can find!!!


Jamie - January 11

Stephanie - exercises I do: the fire hydrant, which works thighs and b___t - get on all 4s and lift 1 leg like you're a dog peeing on a fire hydrant; repeat a gazillion times, then switch legs. Do crunchs with the baby sitting on your chest; do baby-lifts of the one- and two- armed variety. :-) HTH


wenling - January 11

yea... i'll join the club too.. I try to jog for 45mins every morning with dh but it seems like it seldom happens. since the new year, i'ver jogged by myself for about 3 times and with dh only once. can't seem to find the motivation to at least wake up.. early in the morning tt is, before dh goes towork. i need help .. I am the only one rocking bb to slp at night and he wakes up many times. seems like he got some kind of nightmare. so i get very little sleep. In the day, i am sometimes too lazy to cook something to eat i'll just settle for a sandwich. any quick and healthy recipes i can use?? ok.. i'll try to cut back on coffee which i started taking since i stopped bf. 1cup every other day. and i'll try to limit myself to 2 bars of chocolate a day. gee... seems like i got a lot to do..


Toya - January 11

Yeah, sometimes it's impossible to actually go to the gym. On Cox Digital Cable there is something called FitTV which is pretty cool. At 10 this morning I'll be doing this cardio belly dance work out session. I will let you know how it goes. So far so good...I worked out yesterday and have not skipped one meal! The fire hydrant is great..(I thought I was the only one who did that. :) Wenling, I will try to find some healthy recipes..because I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow and I need to get the recipes before I buy groceries.


tiffani - January 11

We started back at the YMCA in December. If you have one near you, you should check into it. Ours has child care, which makes a trip to the gym much easier. The child care workers are carefully screened and are all CPR certified. At our Y, the childcare room is all gla__s and can easily be seen from the fitness room. Our family membership is only $68 a month, and best of all, it's a family oriented gym, not a meat market like Bally's and Gold's Gym tend to be. They also offer wonderful "mommy and me" swim cla__ses to take with your baby. (baby has to be 6 months) I took my daughter when she was little and she LOVED it. Anyways, my resolution this year is patience and to spend more time with my kids and less time cleaning the house. That's right, I said less time cleaning the house. I was always worried about my house being immaculate, so I was always cleaning something, and that took away too much time from the kids. I've noticed such a difference since I've let up on my need for a perfectly clean home. Instead, we now do more arts and crafts, and take "field trips" when my mom comes over to watch the baby. Yesterday we went to the living museum, the kids loved it! Of course, my ultimate goal is to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes by St. Patricks Day. I also bought the book You: The Owners Manual. It's written by Mehmet Oz, whom you may have seen on Oprah or Good Morning America/ Today Show. The book is fantastic and it really gives you excellent advice about living your healthies life. No fad diets here, just eating righ and exercising. :o)


Toya - January 11

Thanks for mentioning the YMCA. I did not know that they had an onsite daycare...that would be perfect for the type of work-outs I'd like to do. Cause I want to have the bikini perfect body by the time April comes. That belly dancing work-out was a lot of fun! They actually teach you the ginuine egyptian belly dancing's not as hard as it looks!


Maria - January 12

Count me in!! I put on almost 50 lbs during my pregnancy and now 3 months later, I have only lost 30 lbs. My scale hasn't budged for 2 months now and I'm getting very discouraged. Mind you, I'm not really doing anything to help. I started to cut back on eating late ( no eating after 7 pm) and drinking only water. I have a treadmill but no time. I can't wait till the spring when I can put my baby in the stroller and go for walks. I'll be walking all day every day if that's what it takes to lose this weight!



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