Mouthy 2 Year Old

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pinkbo0tlace - January 6

My two year old daughter has started to talk back. Before, when I asked "Haylie, could you please throw your napkin in the garbage?" she would jump up and down and say "yay, yes mommy!", and do as she was asked. Now, if I ask her to pick up a toy, share, stop doing something, she will tell me "No". Today I asked her to pick up a toy and she goes "No Mommy, I'm playing" I would say "Haylie, Sweetheart...You need to pick up your toy..NOW...thank you hun" and she will pretend like she didn't hear me but I know she did. She is also starting to interupt my conversations with people. When I'm talking to somebody, she will usually yell "Mommy! Stop Talking" over and over and over until I finally do. What can I do?


aurorabunny - January 6

When I raised my ex-husband's son, at that age I do remember that being an issue TOTALLY. I used to let him play with whatever toys he wanted and scatter them all over all day long, but at the end of the night everything had to be picked up by him. Anything left on the floor was put in my bag and not available for play the next day. This didn't work at first until he eventually had no toys left and realized he actually had to pick them up...LOL. Also, sometimes I would make a game out of and play "Who can pick up the fastest?" With a ready, set, go and everything. Of course I would only end up picking up one toy because he would speed around me picking up everything trying to beat me. So that worked pretty well also. Also, with the interruption, I just completely ignored him after I already had told him that he won't be able to get what he wanted from mommy unless he waited until it was his turn to talk. I know it's annoying, but the ignoring works pretty well. Hope that's some help, I know 2 year olds can make you want to scream sometimes, but then they turn around and come out with the cutest/funniest things.


lexa - January 6

OOOOH....the Terrible Twos!!!! FUN! I remember vaguely when my son was 2! I say vaguely because I think I've tried to block that time frame out, lol! My once little "angel" turned into quite the little "hellion"! It seemed like he went through it around age 4 also! I remember the doctor saying at that age it was every other year until they start school...and it was! Every word was "no" and "stop". But no was always flying! And trying to hit....ugh! Good luck! This is usually the age when someone asks when the next one is you just want to scream NEVER!



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