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lawlady72 - June 12

I've had a major change in careers which is allowing me a wider spectrum of places to live. I am looking for a really great FAMILY neighborhood. I mean LOTS of kids and parents in my generation. I want like a "do-over" Not that I don't like where I live but we are in the top 10 of most expensive areas to live and it's killing me. Anyone want to pitch a great, reasonably priced neighborhood to raise a family?? P.S. mst be big on kids sports, my dd is in basketball and swimming and loves it an my husband would love to do the little league thing with my ds when he's old enough.


kimberly - June 12

Do you like the city or country or in between. I live in Bentonville Arkansas and it is a nice place to live. The Bentonville schools are really good here and very big on sports. It is a growing small town but not a big city yet. Traffic sucks sometimes but I have seen a driven in much worse. If you like the country but don't like to be waaaay out in the country it is perfect. I think prices are high everywhere but it is cheaper to live here than say California.


tish212 - June 12

I live in the country, but i live near a place called Easton Md, granted it is more costly to live there, but they are HUGE on sports...and it is such a nice place not too huge so it keeps a small town feel....but still a nice place that pulls TONS of tourism and is close to resorts such as St michaels and Ocean City....(both Maryland) but easton like i said is HUGE into sports and there are tons of groups and things to get involved in.... also Annapolis MD is a nice place to live... nice houses...and everything you could want is close by, and they have GREAT schools there...JMO hope that helped...


tish212 - June 12

OH and then there is Denver (which i used to live at as well) and Colorado Springs, both of which are nice, and there is sooo much there that you don't have to travel to far to get what you want... i love Denver- though traffic there is a nightmare, but the weather is Wonderful it could snow this morning and by the afternoon it could be 70 degrees and you would never know it snowed... to live NEAR Denver but not in it, there is a town called Arvada... they have beautiful homes and tons of stores and everything close by and they are within 30 minutes of Denver!!



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