Moving My Dd To A Different Room

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stefkay - February 19

Ok, so I've bugged everyone here endlessly with my dd's sleeping issues since she turned about 6 months old. Today when I took her to the dr. for constipation issues I mentioned to her how lately my daughter is sleeping better but only b/c she is in bed with me nursing half the night. I do think my supply is going down some and she really is hungry but as I've always thought I'm sure most of it is for comfort. She goes down in her crib easily first thing and sleeps about an hour or two and then wakes and cries and screams if I don't take her into my bed. Her crib is in our room b/c until we move in July we only have one other room and it is full as my office (I work from home). Anyways, the dr. was pretty adamant that we need to move her out of our room ASAP or it is going to be impossible to get her to sleep well if we do it at 1 year (and do it after moving to a new place). Have any of you who moved your l/o from your room to a different room found they sleep better?I'm going to be a wreck. I'm so scared of not having her right by me AND I'm freaked out about someone breaking in and taking her. AGH! I know, I'm a worrier :-S Anyways, the doctor said that if we wait till 1 year to do the move if she's acting this way now that we will have sleeping issues with her until she is FIVE! I'm so torn :(


charee - February 19

I really doubt she is going to have sleeping issues til 5, if at all. My first (dd) slept in our room 2 feet from my bed in her crib until 18months! I cried and had a meltdown the first night (even though her room was RIGHT next to mine upstairs). The NEXT day i went out and bought a baby monitor (i had never had one w her) and put it in mine and her room, even though she was less than 10 feet away ;) That made me feel SOOOOO much better even though it may seem silly. My 2nd (ds) slept in our room for a month, and he always seemed bothered by the tv/light/noise and i moved him into the huge empty walk in closet right behind my bed. He is still in there and he is 18 mos. I woudlnt worry about it too much. Try to feed her more cereal/ or something filling before bed time and maybe dont nurse at night- maybe offer a sippy or bottle of water if she gets up and cries. You just have to stick thru it a few nights and she will stop crying and waking.


wv_red - February 20

I am right now in the process of getting her bedroom ready. Dh said it is time for her to be in her own room. I am freaking out because her bedroom is in the front part of the house and it feels like it is to far away for me! I don't want to do it but it is getting to where at night she will cough and cough until I get up. She knows I will. She is 8 1/2 months. I have the same fears of someone breaking in, or a fire or something happens that I cant get there in time. I am a mess and her room isn't even finished yet. (I used it as baby storage room) I dont wanna do it! So I feel your pain Stefkay :(


gabby509 - February 21

Stef and WV, I know how both of you are feeling right now. My ds is 8.5 months and he has slept in our room since he was born. First because he was in the ba__sinet and then once he outgrew that I had dh bring his crib into our room. I live in a rowhome and I was so worried about his bedroom being at the back of the house. I was worried about a fire (we JUST got working smoke detectors), or a kidnapper, or whatever else and me not being able to get to him. But since 6 months he has been sleeping through the night and just recently he has begun waking 4 or 5 times a night and crawling to the end of his crib where he can see our bed and cries until I get him. If we even made the slightest movement or noise he would wake up and freak out. So yesterday we moved his crib into his own room and I basically slept with one eye open last night, I was a nervous wreck. But he actually slept great. He went to bed around 7:30 and woke up around 7:30. It was crazy. I was also so worried that if he woke up and didn't recognize his surroundings that he would panic and scream and be so scared, but he wasn't at all. A few times he woke up and went back to sleep on his own within 5 minutes, probably because he didn't see us moving all around. So hopefully this better sleep will continue with him since he is now in his own room. So Stef, I think your doctor may have overreacted and freaked you out a bit, which doctors have a habit of doing, but try to just bite the bullet and do it. It seems like babies are alot more resilient than we give them credit for. Good Luck!


stefkay - February 23

Thanks guys, I know I totally need to do this. What is funny is that the day we went to the pedi, that night we tried something different (I can't believe we didn't do this earlier), but I put her down at like 9pm in her crib wide awake with her nightlight turtle and stuffed elephant but this time I did not turn the tv on. I left it dark in the room and though she'd freak out. I walked out and minutes later she fell asleep and only woke once to eat. Normally her dad and I would turn the tv on when we come to bed as both of us fall asleep better with the tv on. Well we toughed it out and didn't turn it on at all and she slept awesomely!!!! The next night same thing but she slept alllll night long! I was floored. Then the 3rd night I had to mess up the routine by taking her with me to stay with a friend who needed us to stay over and help her out. But last night I did it again here at home and she slept better but nursed 2 times and I fell asleep with her in the bed with me so I kind of screwed it up a bit. Sorry such a long story, but I know I need to put her in a different room it's just now it seems like she is sleeping much better with us just turning off the tv at night. I'm putting it off I know, lol......anyways, we live in an apartment complex and are on the 2nd floor so it is much safer than being on the first floor as it's harder for someone to break in, but I do worry about fires and whatnot too.


jenna32 - February 23

i do agree with your doctor. my dd is 1 and i have been thinking about transitioning her to her crib.But it does feel really weird when you aren't with them as much anymore,especially after sleeping with your l.o since like birth. i think you could plan on continuing to sleep with your l.o. only if you want to continue doing it for the long term.


wv_red - February 25

Well I moved dd into her own room yesterday... It was a very long night, between the crying and the no sleep, it was horrible. But dd did great, she only woke up once not her usual 3 - 4 times like it has been here recently. She didnt freak out or anything!!! Yay for her!! I am the one that was a mess. I hope it gets easier cause this stinks!!!


stefkay - February 25

lol, wvred at first I thought the crying was your dd! I know what you mean, I am so scared to actually make the move! I'm sure my dd will be ok with it but it just hasn't happened yet. I keep using the excuse that we have to take the d__n crib apart. It is a monstrosity and is such a pain to put back together. It is too big to go through the door. Anyways, I best do it soon b/c she is sleeping better overall lately it's just she wakes when her dad gets up to go to the bathroom and when he shifts in bed b/c the bed squeaks. I want to clobber him sometimes in the night b/c he just can't be quiet!


wv_red - February 25

OMG yes!!! I know what you mean! Dh would flip on the bathroom light KNOWING it would wake her up! Oh he makes me soooo mad!! I feel you about the crib. I took hers down and put it back together by myself, talk about fun. But it is done. I think it took me 1.5 hours, lol. I feel better about it being done now if only I can get use to it. I mean she has been in our bedroom from day 1 and now she is in her own. :( Good luck. Be strong!



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