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MrsShelton217 - March 17

Okay, so my company informed me that I am being transferred to one of our other locations which is just west of Chicago... (ehh.. about 100 miles west)... Anyone from that area?


Gretta - March 17

Where about West of the city? I am in the western suburbs. 100 miles west would be pretty remote as in farm country. Illinois is a nice state though!


MrsShelton217 - March 18

Hey Gretta. Yes... It's pretty remote. LoL. I will be working in Dixon, IL... but will be living in Rockford


Buffi R. - March 18

I live sort of near there, in southwest Michigan in a small town called Edwardsburg. It's right over the border from South Bend, IN, then just a little east. The landscape is pretty flat in the mid-west, but the four seasons are nice. Where are you moving from?


Gretta - March 18

Ah well Rockford isn't so bad I don't know where Dixon is but yeah its the country up there. Quiet! Where are you moving from?


MrsShelton217 - March 20

I currently live in south MS. We have two seasons down here. "HOT" and "HUMID" I am looking forward to actually getting to see what Spring and Fall look like. HAHA! I could do without the winter though. I am not fond of cold weather. I have been up there before to work (only for a week or so at a time...) but always in the summer. It's so nice in the summer. It's not a humid heat like we have here. There was one girl that was complaining about it being humid (it was like 65 or 70% humidity) I just laughed. I can't remember the last time our humidity was under 80%!!


qdogs_navywife3 - March 26

Dont get to excited about coming to this area....yea it may be nice and you do get to see weather changes but I live about 30 minutes East of Rockford and we have snow and not just a little bit.... be ready for very cold weather that never goes away.... We are even expecting more snow starting tomorrow.... we received about 12 in last week just out of the blue so just be ready!!!



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