Mum S Who Started Solids Before 6 Months

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vonzo - January 18

Did any of your lo's show signs that they were ready for solids or did you just decide to try and see how it went? My lo takes 6oz bottles every three hours and has been happy with that amount until recently, now she seems to want more and mimicks us when we chew our food, she is also constantly rolling her tongue and sucking. My mum's friend who was a paed said if a baby wants more than 6oz in 1 go then start them on solids. She'll be 17wks on sunday so i was going to give a tsp of baby rice a go and see how she gets on. I was looking at the info pack the health visitor gave me and it says that they should be able to sit up unaided before giving solids. Is this the case or like many other things just a matter of opinion? Thanks in advance!


Lindsey - January 18

Vonzo, my ds is 7 months and is still not sitting up unaided, so don't use that as something to go by. I'm in the UK and my health visitor also expressed concern about me feeding solids before 6 months,. George my ds was eating 7oz every 3 hours a 4 months old, so I started giving him a teaspoon of baby rice in a bowl mixed with his forumla. he was also showing the signs (mimicking when we ate). When I told my health visitor she practically told me off saying I wasn't letting my ds stomach develop and mature. I say go with your instinct, it may sound selfish but I think in the US they start solids at 4 months, my sister 3 years ago when she had my niece was told to start at 4 months and she wasn't eating half as much as George, you are her mother. When looking at the pampers/bounty websites they say minimum 19 weeks but it is completely upto you. When I was born I was given baby rice at 6 weeks old and I turned out just fine. Trust your maternal instinct. Where about in the UK are you, any luck with the Bumbo seat.


Angiconda - January 18

I started my ds on solids at 4 months per my pedi. Ds is a big boy and was always hungry. I actually did rice cereal before 4 months he has been getting 1teaspoon per ounce in his bottle since 5 or 6 weeks due to acid refulx then around 3 1/2 months I started to give it to him on a spoon with a little fruit in it as well then at his 4 month check my pedi said go ahead and start solids and she said atleast by his 6 month check if not sooner we will start stage 2 foods. As far as the sitting up by themselve thing ds is not doing that yet. Also my lo is 5 months. Hope that helps.


rl- - January 18

I started my ds at 8wks on rice cereal and he did great so I don't think it would hurt to give a little rice cereal and see if that satisfies your lo


shelly - January 18

hey a few uk girls on this thread, 10 years ago with my first ds it was the norm to start at 3 months,then with my 2nd ds i started at 4 months because he seemed ready,i think go with your gut if u think ur lo is ready,shes over 4 months,my ds couldnt sit up unaided either and plus its not so much for nourishment at this age ,its more getting them used to a spoon and trying out different textures,id say if you feel comfortable and u think shes ready go for it,all babys are so different,if i had waited until 6 mnths ds would have been climbing the walls[not literally tho lol]as he was a greedy and hungry baby,i think some are just ready before others ,good luck,


vonzo - January 18

Im in Arbroath in Scotland lindsey what about you? Been bidding on a few bumbos on ebay but they're going for more than you can buy them in shops?!?! Bidding on a bebe pod at the mo which looks pretty much identical so by half past 9 tonight i may have one at last :o) I'll go buy some baby rice tomo and give that a go. She's had a wee suck of my apple and a tiny taste of papaya (she loved that) so i'm sure she'll let me know if she's not ready. It's just so confusing with all the different info you get. My health visitor said never give a baby food in their bottles always give it from a spoon, and other ppls dr's are advising them to do just that. Why can't babies come with an instruction manual... :o)


Emily - January 18

Mine didn't sit unsuported before we started solids. Marcy was so interested in our food. She would just stare at us while we were eating, like where is mine…but the little stink wouldn’t take rice or anything. She was 4.5 months. She will take it now, but would rather have toast or biscuts…She likes to feed herself and can't do that with a spoon yet. She is 7 months now. I say go with what you think is right. Plus one main reason is alergies and if your family doesn’t really have any then I wouldn't worry too much and rice cereal has a low risk for them anyway. I say go for it if you feel your lo is ready.


piratesmermaid - January 18

We started our dd on rice cereal just before 4months because she was a bigger baby and sooooooooo interested in our food that I felt bad eatting in front of her. It's different for each baby, go with your gut.


vonzo - January 18

Thanks girls, i'm going to get some baby rice tomorrow and give it a bash, if she doesn't take to it well, i'll try again in a couple of weeks.


Lindsey - January 18

Hey Vonzo, I live in Poole, in Dorset, right at the bottom of England. How about checking free ads, we have a yellow paper down here that costs a quid and you can out items for sale in it, it's free to advertise so maybe you could have a look through there. Everyone is right about the cereal with a spoon, it is only to get them used to it at this stage, i didn't put cereal into a bottle, but that was becasue he hated faster flowing teats until 6 months old. Good Luck in finding a bumbo seat.


Deirdra - January 18

My son is 13 weeks and has been teeth since about 9 weeks. My dr suggested recenty that i start him on rice cereal. and i have and he LOVES it. and he is still taking his 5 to 6 oz bottles. just now he seems more satisfied...



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