My 10 Month Old Has Strep Throat

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mandyrenfro - December 3

he went to the ped on thursday and we were prescribed 1 antibiotic and 1 decongestant. he has always been a good eater, but not with being sick! he barely eats enough to make his tummy quit grumbling. the first day or two, i expected him to have no appet_te. now, nearly 5 days later, i'm getting worried. i have to force him to drink formula/water and forget solids! anyone else dealt with strep throat in an infant? should i call his doc in the morning about his still not eating? thank you


SonyaM - December 3

I have always read and been told by my ped. office that babies can't get strep. I have never heard of a baby having strep so that is weird. I would call if you are concerned. Babies can get dehydrated fast.


mandyrenfro - December 3

they swabbed his throat at the office. I had a bad cold (or so I think it was) with a sore throat and cough the week before. He is eating/drinking a little bit and urinating. But he's not eating like normal.


Nerdy Girl - December 3

My 1 year old just had strep throat last month. My 4 year old had it, and the ped told me that it would be rare for the baby to catch it (like Sonya M said). Well the next day the baby got a fever and stopped eating. I took him to the ped, got his throat swabbed, and it was indeed strep. My ped told me that I would see improvement within 24 hours of starting the antibiotics, and that is what happened.


mandyrenfro - December 3

i think the antibiotic is working on the strep. but his decongestant isn't. i finally forced him to drink water and formula this afternoon (by sticking a syringe full at a time in his mouth!!) he ate solids for dinner, and seems in a better mood. he has a different decongestant from an ear infection a few months back, so i am going to try that tonight, and if it works, get that one re-prescribed! thanks!



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