My 11 Mos Old Is Weird

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Rhonda - February 13

Ok well my dd just turned 11mos old and she is getting to the point she dont want to eat.When i feed her solid baby food or even mashed potatoes and such she just holds the food in her mouth.She does not eat like she use to.Is this normal?No matter what i give her she dont want to swallow it.


sahmof3 - February 13

Yeah... it's normal! I guess they are either being stubborn or they learned that they can keep food in there w/out swallowing and it's fun. Anyway, she'll swallow when she's hungry enough ;-)


waiting100 - February 13

Rhonda - my 10 month old is not a big eater either. He holds his food in his mouth and also bites the spoon and holds the spoon in his mouth and laughs. My ds has 6 teeth - does you baby have any teeth - I was thinking that maybe teething interferes with eating. How much formula or b___st milk are you feeding each day, and is bottle or b___st before food or after? I am going crazy myself trying to figure this eating thing out, cuz my ds just doesnt care for it. My SIL baby eats food like a pig - she would much rather eat food that milk. SIL baby only gets three 6 oz. bottles of milk a day and the rest is food! Her baby screams when food is taken away from her if someone is eating. I just spent the weekend with them and SIL made me feel so bad cuz my ds is not a big eater. She made me feel ike a bad mom, but I think every baby is different, I dont know.


melissa g. - February 13

i am in the same boat as you! see my Wit's End post and my response to Waiting100 on her post.


Rhonda - February 13

Thanks girls i appreciate your replys.My dd does not have any teeth yet,not a single tooth.No signs of teething either.She eats a 9oz bottle of forumula for breakfast and a jar of baby food,then eats formula or milk maybe 2 more times a day but only maybe 6 oz at a time if im lucky.The rest of the time she will just suck it out and let it run down her mouth.I have tried feeding the solids before and after a bottle,but still is the same thing.



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