My 19 Month Old Will Not Self Feed With A Spoon

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Stevens Mom - January 30

I've tried everything to get my son to use a spoon and he just wont. If I put the food on the spoon and hand it to him he will put it in his mouth. As far as getting him to pick up food on the spoon himself he just wont. I didn't know if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks for your help.


sahmof3 - January 30

My oldest was a late-bloomer in the spoon department, too ;-) What I had to do with my oldest was to put my hand over his on the spoon and go through the act of scooping up the food and then let him eat it. I started that at 14 months, but he wasn't too good at it until about 22 months.


BreaunasMommy - January 30

my dd is the same way she is 19 mths today. She knows how to do it and sometimes she will but usually she holds the spoon/fork in one hand and picks her food up with the other. Oh and if I try to feed her she will not eat and will wine until I let her do it herself so I just let her do her thing. I know she can use it so I figure she will do it when shes ready. SOrry I couldnt be mor help


ashtynsmom - January 30

What age are they "Supposed" to spoon feed well??


Stevens Mom - February 1

Thanks for the suggestion!


HEATHER - February 1

huh, my dd is 17 months and we just started to introduce the spoon/fork, I dont see her mastering it anytime soon.. what a mess!!!


Crissy - February 1

My 15-month-old has not mastered the spoon either, so I'm glad we're not alone.. lol. Good idea sahmof3, I guess I will have to try that! :-)


Erin1979 - February 1

I give my daughter a minigo yogurt and a spoon, and let her go to town. She gets to hold the yogurt and scoop it out. She's 17 months, and is starting to get quite co-ordinated. Good Luck!


Lisastar9 - February 1

I love the name Steven it is what I also named my son born after his Uncle who died while I was pg.


HannahBaby - February 1

my daughter was a late bloomer as well, she was about 20 months when she did it. One day she just took the spoon away from me and went to town, he will get it eventually, dont worry


hello - February 2

I am not alone, I fear my daughter will never do it, she thinks she comes from royalty, she will sometimes even put her hand up for someone to help her up when she falls down.... She is still too lazy to hold a bottle, i refuse to keep doing it so she lays down and i put a cushion there to hold it, god help me.... She does the same thing as stevens mom, will take the spoon out of my hand if i hand it to her but thats about it......... she is 20 months... i know you can make mistakes with your first but my god.......


Stevens Mom - February 3

I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone on this matter. Soon will be potty training,I wonder what that will be like. Still curios if you teach a boy to sit or stand right off. Thanks everyone for writing in!


sahmof3 - February 3

Stevens mom... I taught my oldest boy sitting down first and then had to basically start over teaching him to stand and pee, but I think I want to remove the "middle man" this time and teach my younger son to stand and pee FIRST... haven't tested this yet, though, so we'll see!


Stevens Mom - February 3

To Lisastar9- I named my son after my father. He pa__sed away in 1995. Everyone thinks it's such a grown up name...But he wont always be a baby (lol)


Stevens Mom - February 3

to-sahmof3-What age did you start to potty train? I think I'm going to start soon...



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