My 1st Ever Mother In Law Vent

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vonzo - January 26

Normally i never have a bad word to say against my mother in law but she has really complicated things for us. She's said all along that when i go back to work she'll help out with looking after dd. I only need to go back part time and because my dh works funny shifts he gets quite a few days off. Anyhoo ive got an interview on thurs and was told the hours that the job would be and it seemed greated. My hubby phoned and told his mum and now she's refusing to watch dd. It would be for mostly 2 days a week for 4hrs, occasionally it would be 3 days at 4 hrs or 2 days at 4 hrs and one sat a month for 8 hrs. She doesn't work and is always complaining about how bored she is and how she very rarely leaves the house so I don't understand why she wont do it. We can't afford any kind of child care and we can't afford for me not to work. I don't know what to do now. My mum would gladly look after dd but she lives an hour away and doesn't drive so its just not practical. I'm sat shaking at the moment because i'm that stressed out and scared i won't be able to pay my bills.


vonzo - January 26

Just thought of something else. She has no problem watching dh's son when his gf asks even though they hate her but she wont watch our daughter even though we're happily married and i was under the impression we got on great. I am just so upset, blooming bawling like a baby!!! Dh doesn't get home until 7am so I'm on my own all night mulling this over. (Sorry to rant)


vonzo - January 26

sorry i meant to put when his EX gf


jillianT - January 26

oh poor vonzo. what reason did she give him for saying no?


sahmof3 - January 26

That's strange that she said she would and now says no. What a shame! I hope you can find a way to work this out!!!


vonzo - January 26

She said she wants to find herslef a job which is fair enough and good for her but she's been saying this since she left her last job 6 YEARS AGO. He asked if she would do it in the meantime until she finds something, and she said "she'd think about it", and when she says that it means a big fat NO!


lexa - January 26

Aw Vonzo! Im sorry to hear about this. Maybe dh can talk to her and she will do it? Maybe she will watch dd and find out she loves doing so and won't find a job of her own? (wishful thinking on your part). I hope it all works out for you. And you can rant to us all you want to:-) That's why we are here.


Lisastar9 - January 26

Yikes do you think she is afraid of something will happen to dd in her care. Hope she reconsiders.


vonzo - January 27

I thought it was maybe fear at first, but then i remembered that she had dh's son when he was a baby all the time. I can't help but feel it's got something to do with me. I don't think ive done anything to upset her, and if i have its never been mentioned and she's always been fine with me. We always make the effort to go see them and have them up to ours for dinner etc (even more so than with my own family) so i just don't get it. She has now said a definite no and i still don't really have a solution. I guess i might just have to travel an hour to drop her off at my mums then another half hour back to work although i think that will pretty much defeat the whole purpose of me working as all my wages will be going on petrol :o( Blooming MIL's...who invented them?!?!



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