My 2 Month Old Fell Help

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CDN Baby - June 13

My 2 and a half year old was propped up for a minute in his stroller and there was a quilt under him. He slipped through the opening where the legs go, usually he is in a car seat in it, down the quilt as though it were a slide the second I turned around (yes lesson learned) but when I saw him he was facing face down on the carpet. I'm thinking because he's 27inches long the drop wasn't far but maybe far enough to hurt him??? It was a sharp curve not exactly a slide so he may have just thudded on his chest and hit the front or side of his head. He seemed ok after wards but I'm scared. I checked all of his limbs and looked for bruises and prodded and poked him all over to see if he would flinch and nothing. Then he ate. That's why he started fussing and slipped. I wonder if I should have taken him to the doctor. I'm terrified. Maybe this fall caused an internal injury I don't know about. He is a very healthy baby and about 12 lbs now but a fall is a fall. Anyone have an accident like this?


JJ5235 - June 13

Is it a 2 1/2 year old or month old???? You have month in the t_tle and year in the thread itself.


CDN Baby - June 13

SORRY. 2 and a half MONTH old. 10 WEEKS!


Rabbits07 - June 13

If he isn't crying or fussing then he is probably fine. At that young age their bones are really pliable so they don't break easy and since he landed on carpet that probably padded the fall. If he started exhibiting unusual behavior within the next few hours after the fall I would go ahead and make a trip to the ER to be safe. When my SIL had her second baby she had laid her on my MIL's bed (she was just 2 or 3 months). While they were talking her younger son (2 years old) went in there and pulled her off of the bed into the floor. Luckily she didn't get hurt from it. Accidents happen, we just have to learn from them.


nic nac - June 13

if he is 12lbs it has to be a 2 and a half month old. CDN, look for swelling and keep an eye on him. Call the ped though. It is better to tell the dr. than worry. Hope he is ok.


cae - June 13

Hi CDN, I would just call the Ped to make sure. Take care.


hello - June 14

i can admit my daughter fell off the bed when she was around 5 months old, i was worse than her. She cried for a little and was ok, i wasnt though.. I think a good indicator is that if the cry is a short one it should be okay.....


Sarahsmommy - June 14

Another good sign if it she cried right away. I have always seen this about a fall. I think I would call the pedi too just to see what they says since you little one is still so young.



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