My 3yr W Pacifier

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sophiasmom - January 25

It is our family dirty secret... Somehow, we had done everything "right" and "by the book" but the pacifier thing..When he gets really tired he wants the pacifier, when he goes to bed or in the car. He goes to Preschool and he does not want it. The moment we jump into the car, he begs for it. Never in public.. We are not giving any pacifiers to my 9mos. Any suggestions? Any tricks?


Danielle19 - January 25

throw it away, and hopfully in a couple days he'll be over it, thats what my cousin did with her 2 1/2 yr old she said it was a bad 2 days and then he was over it, maybe he could keep a favorite toys in the car for use in the car only instead of the paci


HANNAHs Mom - January 25

Maybe try a little incentive. Purchase a neat toy for him that you know he will love, but wrap it up and place it somewhere in your home where he can clearly see it (each and everyday) and tell him the present is his when he decides to throw away his paci in the trashcan once and for all. GL


candace714 - January 25

It will probably be harder on you than it is on him. My neighbor's daughter had the paci until a few months ago (she is 3) and they had a little bye bye paci ceremony. Not sure what they did exactly since I wasn't there, but it took her a few days to get over it. I was watching the view the other day and Rosie said the binky fairy took her kids pacifiers away to give to the babies. lol. Good luck!


ash2 - January 25

Cut a hole in the top of the nipple ! He will not want it anymore !! It will lose its suction !!


flower.momma - January 25

Another way is telling him that he is a big boy, and that there are babies in the world who need pacifiers and don't have them. Have him wrap up his pacifiers to send to these babies and put them in the mailbox (retrieve them later). Then divert his attention by doing something like what Hannah's mom suggested.


flower.momma - January 25

But maybe not a toy, maybe something to "replace" the binkies. Like telling him that big boys get whatever it is, in place of their binkies when they send them away.


CyndiG - January 25

I saw on America's Funniest Videos ( I know, I know, but it was a great idea!) a family was sending the kids paci up to heaven for the babies up there who needed them. It was attached to a balloon and they let it go. It got hung up in a tree and the fire department came to retrieve it so they could truly send it away. That was the "funny" part. I thought it was a great idea! I would take it to an open field though to keep from repeating that mistake....My dd didn't take a paci, but loved her bottle. We replaced it with a sippy cup and a stuffed animal. She did finally give the sippy cup up at 4 1/2, but BoBo is in the bed with her right now and she's 8! :O} So make sure you love whatever you're replacing it with, cause you'll be looking at it for a long time! Good luck!


Erin1979 - January 25

Someone on here had a good idea a few months ago. Treat it like a tooth. Get all the paci's together and put them under his pillow (So that the binki fairy can take them away) and leave him something he really wants under his pillow. I think that's what I would try.


CyndiG - January 25

Also, you know he will eventually outgrow it. You could just make a rule that he can only have it in his bedroom and no where else. Let him suck on it till he's ready to give it up, but if you restrict him on where he can have it, it might expedite the process. Just a thought.


dee23 - January 26

lol ash2, i like that idea.


Patti - January 26

My DD turned 3 in Oct. We stopped letting her have the pacifier in the car about 3 -4 months ago. She would have it only at night. Sometimes during the day she would say she's tired and lay down w/ it. We've been talking to her about being a big girl and giving it up. My husband told her about the "Binky Fairy" and hanging them on the "Binky tree" (don't ask: ) ) She gave them up a week ago. We gathered up her binkies and hung them in a bunch on a tree. The next day she had two dollars under her pillow and we took her out to pick out a reward. I'm shocked she never mentioned it again. However, she was ready and had made up her mind to do it w/o a lot of pressure from us. My ped always said "don't worry, they won't have a bottle or binky for the rest of their lives. They will give it up." Another tip I was given was to poke holes in the pacifiers and then they don't feel right to the child. Try not to worry too much and do not listen to anyone criticizing about how horrible it is. He will give it up. It just make take a while. Good luck to you!!


Emily - January 26

I must say at least he doesn't want it all the time.... I am sorry no tricks. My girls refused pacis. We offered them cause both of them pretty much used my b___b as a paci, but they would not take the real thing....I have a firend at church who has cut her dd paci time down. she will only let her use it a nap time or at bed time. she is 1 1/2. Her theroy on it was that she hated to see a child have to remove the paci before they could say anythign....maybe try cuttin gdownt eh time he gets it like only at bed tiem and not in the car anymore. My sisters and I were thumb or finger suckers and my mom had to put rubbing alcohol on my sis thumb before she would stop sucking it. that wouldn't really work with te paci, but I do like Ash2 idea that could work. good luck


sophiasmom - January 26

Ash2, I like your idea a lot.....I also like the idea of the "binki fairy"...Candace714, I think you are right, it is going to be harder on us than for him, but at this point I am wiling to do anything...Hannahs mom, your idea is also very good... he is very into "Power Rangers" so that will be a good incentive... I'will keep you guys posted..thanks so much for all your input!


Kathryn - January 26

I've been trying to get my 20 month old off of his. He's the same way. Doesn't want it until he's with Mom. I've been telling him I don't know where it is and distract him with something else. I seems to be working for the most part. I like the balloon idea. With a three year old I think he would understand that. A co-worker of mine said she was four and still taking a paci so her mom started cutting off the nipple until she couldn't hold it in he mouth anymore.


Brandi - January 26

Patti- I saw that thing about the Binky Fairy too! That's what I was thinking. I think it was on Supernanny or something. It's a cute idea.


starlight_94 - January 26

My parents with my younger brother had the "easter bunny" take it when he left the was a god way to incorperate a gift for being good. He actually NEVER asked for it again. Unfortunantly though he has has some dental problems from using it too long, But nothing severe, just EXPENSIVE!!! Hope this helps



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