My 5 Mo Is Nonstop Cranky And I Think I M Losing It

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JessC531 - January 21

I have no idea what's going on with her. She is just miserable! She did this a few weeks ago - she was fussing or crying all the time. We had just started oatmeal, so we stopped, and she seemed to get better. We started her on the rice again a week later, and she did fine. But now, another week later, she's miserable again. It doesn't really look like she's teething, but who knows?! I am at my wit's end here. I just don't know what to do. Should I stop solids again? I just don't know how that could be it since she was on rice for weeks without a problem, starting at 4 months. But I don't want her to be so upset... Clearly, something is bothering her, I just don't know what!!! I want to call the doctor, but what will I say?? I can't make my baby happy anymore?? Argh. Any ideas?


ginger6363 - January 21

goodness, I feel your dd is the same way. But honestly, she's been miserable since her birth! Between reflux, colic, stomach issues, gas, teething....we have had it VERY rought. It just seems to get progressively worse. We started her on cereal at 4 mo. (to help with reflux) and noticed she got worse. We took her off cereal at 4.5 months and just started it again at 5 months w/a feeding every other night. She's doing okay on the cereal, but for the last two weeks has decided to eat only 6 oz from 5 AM to 5 PM and then feed ALL NIGHT! In fact, last night she ate over 20 ounces in 6 hours, from 7 PM to 1 AM, then I was up all night changing dirty diapers!


MNMOM - January 22

Take her in for a check up, she could have an ear infection. Same thing happened with my lo (he is 7m/o) and we took him in yesterday and found he has a raging ear infection which he has probably had for a while.


KOGreer - January 24

My son was the same way at around 5 months. He typically is a great baby, so when he was fussing for a week or two, I knew something was up! I kept feeling around for a tooth, and nothing. Then a friend was over and she was the one to find his first tooth. Sure enough it popped out without me ever knowing. He reacted the same way when his second tooth came in. He would wake a lot at night, and be fussy in the day. But from my experience, I see the tooth before i feel it for whatever reason. So maybe she is just working that first tooth out.


kimberly - January 24

Jess, it could be teething or maybe she just isn't ready for solids yet. Lots of babies are not ready at 5 months. Also like ginger said it could be that she has reflux or just bad gas problems. Some babies have a very sensitive tummy and just about anything can upset it. Have you tried gas drops or anything for teething? Like MNMOM said she might have an ear infection or something too.


JessC531 - January 24

Thanks for the advice, ladies. DD is as happy as ever now. We didn't stop the cereal and she hasn't popped a tooth, so I have no idea what that was all about. She's eating well and happy now. Huh. I swear I'll never get her figured out!



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