My 8 Week Old Is Talking

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flower.momma - January 24

Well, not really, but he is trying so hard. I just had to share. He looks intently into my face and concentrates and blurts out "GA!" Then I say it back and he smiles and says it again. It goes on forever and I don't think I could ever get tired of it. He seems like he is trying so hard to talk to me, he just opens his mouth and looks like he is gving it his all. I love that he is now a part of the world, and is ready to give some attention back, hehe. I was so excited and just had to share this with some ladies who would understand! He knows me now, and that is so cool. He gets excited when I am holding him, and doing something else, and then turn and give him a smile, he just kicks and squirms and almost laughs. Aaaaaah, I am tearing up just thinking about how much I love this guy!


Rabbits07 - January 24

Oh, so sweet.


sahmof3 - January 24

Aww... that is sweet!


eclipse - January 24

I love when they do that! My lo has started doing that as well-they are so determined! Its so fun to have a "conversation" with them. You are going to make me cry, too.


cae - January 24

aww...doesnt your heart just melt? So sweet.


soon2bemomof3 - January 24

my lo gets so excited when i pick him up that he gets the's so funny. he just kicks and coos and smiles. ooooh, i love it!!!


Erynn21 - January 24

Oh that's so cute, I remember when Nora first said "goo", she'd go on and on goo, goo,goo, a-goo. She was 6 wks at the time now she's 4.5 months and laughs and goes on and on. I must say goo-goo, goo-goo was sometimes a little annoying at 3am, but it was so darn cute too, I just love my little girl so much.


flower.momma - January 24

Yeah, him and hubby had a 10-minute conversation last night. My hubby just kept saying "he's talking to me. Look! He is actually interacting with me." Brings tears to my eyes.


mandee25 - January 31

Cute!!! My 10 week old loves to coo and make sounds like "ga!" too. He has been squealing a high pitch squeal a lot too. It's so cute. My friend who has a baby girl 5 weeks older than my son has never heard her baby do that. I love the squeals too. I imitate him sometimes and try to have a conversation with him. He gets excited when he sees me or my husband too and smiles all the time. I can't get enough.


piratesmermaid - January 31

I think Gretchen was the same about that age when she told hubby and me a nighttime story. The gurgles and coos and gibberish went on and on and on nonstop for almost ten minutes straight, hubby and I couldn't get a word in! :) I miss that stage.....



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