My Baby Cries When She Poos Is This Normal

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Lissi - October 14

Just wondering if anyone else has a baby who cries like they're in pain when they poo? My daughter gets really upset when it happens, but she's certainly not constipated. Anyone else? If so, when did this phase pass?


BBK ® © - October 14

They may get frustrated. Going for no 2 requires tightening and loosening which is hard for them to master.... it should get better as their digestive system improves


Lissi - October 14

Oh well, hopefully things will improve soon. I just feel so sorry for her, because she acts like she's in agony, and it lasts for about half an hour.


Jadyns Mommy - October 14

Hi Lissi, How is the consistency of her poo? Is it at all hard? My daughter started having trouble and she would go everyday but she would scream and turn red and tighten her fists so I would freak out. It turns out that her digestive system couldnt break down the food as well so it was coming out somewhat hard and a bit larger then she could handle sometimes. Not everytime, just once every couple of days and when that would happen, she would get tiny a___l tears or fissures as they call them. After she would get the tiny tear, even the softest poo would sting her and cause her to cry. If she is having the occasional hard one, you may want to check with your Dr because I had to start Jadyn on prune juice at 10 weeks and by 12 weeks, she was on a perscription laxative. The good thing is, it is something that they just have to outgrow.


Fabienne - October 14

My son does !!! I was told by nurses that it is not uncommon - it is a weird sensation to them....


Lissi - October 15

It's soft and kind sometimes runny. I'm told this is normal consistency for b___stfed babies. Maybe it is just the sensation she doesn't like then. Glad it's not an a___l fissure. Poor Jadyn!


Jbear - October 16

My older daughter got upset when she pooped. I would hold her feet and gently rotate her legs like she was on a bicycle. Somehow that helped her push it out.



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