My Baby Doesnt Want To Eat At Day Care What Can I Do

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nino3 - August 25

Hi, My baby is 9 months old and he doesnt want to eat his food at day care. It takes me forever to feed him at home too but with me, h__l actually finish his food or at least eat half a jar. The ped. said i need to feed him food at least 3 times a day now and that the food is more important than the bottles. Is it only my baby? I do everthing to make him eat but at day care, They are too busy and he wont eat. What can i do. I dont want him to loose weight.


clindholm - August 25

Are they really trying and spending the time with him at daycare? I know there are other children, but that's what you're paying them to do and they should make sure he eats. Daycare is not cheap and your child at the very least should have the one on one time he needs to eat. Have you looked into another daycare that has a lower child/staff ratio?


nino3 - August 25

I have been trying but it seems every day care is full to the max. I have him in other waiting lists but still nothing. Im really worried and dont know what to do. Hes even refusing the bottles now yet hes fussy all day cause hes so hungry. I wish i could just take care of him and quit my job. I cry about this sooo much. My hubby says we can do it but well need to sell the house and move into a trailer or something.


Bridget - August 25

I never heard of a ped saying food is more important than formula/b___st milk at 9 months old. Until a year, formula/BM is a baby's main source of nutrition. I had to say this because it's all over the internet and it's what more than one ped said to me when my DS was under a year and not too enthusiastic about solid food..It sounds like they might rush him at daycare and I've seen it with my son too, with certain foods, like his yogurt that takes longer to swallow and they tell me he didn't eat it. Just try and make sure he drinks a decent amount of formula at daycare and until he is older, you can do most of the food feeding while you eat dinner, maybe. Something I keep telling myself when my 2.5 yo son refuses foods he USED to like is that no baby/toddler ever starved themself. Your LO will be ok.


clindholm - August 26

Actually, according to the AAP, solid food is the main nutritional source at that age. Nino- I know how terrible it is to have to work, I wish I could be home with my lo too. What has the daycare said in response to your concerns? Do they just say that they don't have time?


pgagain - September 5

I used to own a daycare center. I am also the mother of five. I have seen many finicky eaters in my daycare days. Different things work for different babies. I had several that would eat if they could not see the feeders face. One was an infant I fed sort of lying on her side away from me, across my lap. She drank from the playtex nurser bottles so after pressing all the air out it wasnt a problem at this angle. I have to say that the baby is in control here. I had some I could barely get four ounces down and would seem starved when the mommy came in. It was quite embarra__sing because I tried between every other child to feed this one. And I wasn't sure the parents believed me. My best suggestion for you would be to find some volunteers to come to your house to feed your baby. Start with you in the room then progress to you out of the room. After success at that take your baby to a friends house and try to have them feed your baby first with you in sight then with you gone. Another thought is to spoon feed your baby at the daycare yourself, and then watch the daycare person do it, then have them try after you leave the room briefly. good luck on this!



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