My Baby Eats Paper

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CEM - November 30

Is this weird, or what? We have all kinds of nice stuff for my baby to play with, stuffed toys, things that flash and make noise, rattles, you name it and he has it. But when I really need to get something done and need him to occupy himself the only thing I need to do is give him a piece of paper! He can sit for about an hour playing with it, chewing it up and spitting it out again. Does anyone else have a paper shredder, or is it just me? He's 4 months old.


Chelsey - November 30

Hey, as long as he's not swallowing the paper, then why not! Is Jack getting teeth? Poor guy! Gabriel will put anything in his mouth, if its within reach! Hailey tries to put things in his mouth for him to chew......poor Polly Pocket!


momma - November 30

my dd prefers anything but toys she loves paper, big (empty) cups and bottles potato chip bags and anything else that ckrinkles or makes some noise also loves my mil's watch we always watch her with the bags (she is usually tring to take them away from us) she usually pulls her pacifier out of her mouth turns it and chews on the handle?!?! soo cute when i let dd shread paper i always watch her


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 30

I am not sure when it ends. Amaya is going on 7 months and still prefers the "non" toys rather than hers. She loves paper of any kind, magazines, books, newspaper, notebook paper, paper bags, tags, anything, she also loves empty water and coke bottles (only 20oz, I know shes a little weirdo!) She has all these stuffed animals and she only plays with the tags, on her big toys she only plays with the parts the screws are (they are usually really far in so she just sticks her fingers in) in her swing she is facinated by the straps and same goes with the highchair. Oh another thing, try getting your kid a bell (well not actually getting them one but shaking a bell in front of them, SHE GOES CRAZY, loves it!) So she is getting a bell for Christmas lol!


Cheeky's mom - November 30

Ok so my baby eats paper too. She loves a fresh box of Kleenex. If I catch her with more than one stash, she will freely give me what I can see. She usually has a piece in each hand and maybe something in her mouth. Sometimes she has a stash under a toy, so when I think I have got it all i come back and she has a new piece. She does swallow. I was sure i was getting it all with the mouth sweep but I guess now. ***** Warning: THIS IS GROSS***** I was changing her diaper and I noticed something hanging out of her bottom. I pulled on it a bit very freaked out but thinking it must be poo that is stuck. It kept on coming, by this time my knees were jelly. I slowly "retrieved" what was about 2 inches of Kleenex in tact. I was so grossed out! She likes sand too, its another item that comes out the same way it went in.


desiree - November 30

lol Cheeky's mom!!! My son is the same. loves paper flyers that come in the newspaper is his fave. I saved the piece with the bite mark in it! It was so cute. He also likes the tags on anything!!


Jbear - November 30

Valerie used to eat cardboard books. That made me laugh about the kleenex coming out looking the same as it went in...I had a cat who loved to eat tinsel and it came out intact too.


NOT ON - December 1



Jenn... - December 1

Blake loves paper too. I usually let him play with magazines when I am done reading them. He loves to tear the pages, crumple them and taste them a bit too. I am careful to make sure that he doesn't actually fit it into his mouth. As soon as he rips it to a small piece I take it away and help him get a new page. It is so cute!!! Lately though, he is trying to take the pages of books that I read to I think I might have caused a problem.


Dr. Nye - December 1

To "NOT ON" - have you ever put paper into water? It dissolves. What's a baby's mouth full of? Spit. What's the primary ingredient in spit? Water.


chelsey - December 1

I noticed that you all give your baby paper... so I tried to give some to my 4 month old, to see what he would do! All he did was jab it in his eye and nose, so I took it away for fear of him getting a paper cut on his eye ball! But he plays safe with a sheet of paper towel! He can amuse himself, and wash his face at the same time!


CEM - December 1

Glad to know all your babies do the same thing!.... He never swallows it, just chews the life right out of it!!! If any bills or my other kids' artwork go missing we always know who's to blame! BTW chelsey, he is getting teeth. Lots of them!


chelsey - December 1

Awesome! Have they began to poke through then? Atleast you can tell the electric company that you're baby ate your bills! Kind of like a dog eating homework!


CEM - December 1

Hi chelsey!!! He's got one poking through on the bottom, and very swollen looking gums up top too. He's very fussy lately and is not sleeping well at night :(. Poor little guy! I never thought of using him as an excuse, good idea! They'll probably think I'm mad, but that's not too far from the truth! Sorry I haven't e-mailed you in ages.... had a rough week. How are you?


chelsey - December 1

Better! Hailey is settling down some what. Gabriel is also getting teeth, but nothing is poking through yet. He still hasn't rolled over! I'm really worried about that! Is there an age that they worry about, if baby hasn't rolled over yet? The little turkey doesn't even try! Ugghhh, and winter is officially here! It is so cold!


CEM - December 1

I think all those ages are just for reference, and that you can pretty much just give or take a bit on either side. Since Gabriel's a preemie he might be somewhat slower than others. Jack can roll, but doesn't try too often. He's quite lazy! Glad to hear Hailey's being nicer to you. Is she maybe secretly jealous of the baby? Or did you have trouble with her before too? It's d__n cold here too now, not -25 but close!


chelsey - December 1

She started to develope a problem right before I was pregnant with Gabe. I'm thinking she just inherited her fathers family traits! I went to school with her on Tuesday, and spent the afternoon with her and her cla__smates making Gingerbread Men. I had to go with her, after the episode she pulled last week! Just finished dropping her off at school 1/2 an hour ago, she seems to be doing much better today. Lots of hugs and kiddie size conversations seem to cheer her right up! Did you know, according to Hailey, that if you wipe her boogers, she can "get dead"?



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