My Baby Fell

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Ariana - June 26

I was taking a shower and left my baby in her crib. She was crying so my step-daughter took her out of her crib and put her on the bed on her stomach near the edge and she rolled over and fell and landed on her back on the hard wood floor, she started crying but calmed down. Is she going to be okay? I mean is she going to get brain damage or something? Please help. Should I just call my doc tomorrow morning??


a - June 26

YES YOU REALLY SHOULD CALL YOUR DOCTOR. in my opinion you should've took your baby to the E.R. as shoon she fell.


Jbear - June 27

You should call your doctor now, or take your baby to the hospital, especially if your baby is really young. I don't want to scare you, but there could be swelling inside her brain and she should be seen to rule that out.


Ariana - June 27

thank u all for ur responces, I did call her doctor and he will c her today, he said that i had t observe her for 6 hours and if she shows signs of loss of conciousness, convulsions, dificutly bieng roused, more than 2 episodes of vomiting, depressions or indentation in skull, cant move arm or leg, oozing of blood from nose or ear, black and blue areas appearing around eyes or behind ear, apparent pain for more than a hour, dizzines, unequal paleness, or your baby just isnt acting right,,,,,,,my daughter is 5 mo. old. and after she fell of course she cried but stopped after a lil bit. She shows no signs that it hurts or has affected her, after she stopped crying she started laughing and started playing with her toy thing. but i still want to make sure. thanks for ur responces.


E - June 27

Screw that. Take her to the ER now, and have a head x-ray done. Don't wait for the vomiting to start. Her brain could be bleeding and bruising at this very moment. Let us know. I will pray for her.


Jennifer - June 27

Definately bring her to get checked out. My son rolled off of the bed when he was about six months old and landed on his belly. He was fine but it scared the c___p out of me. It was even worse because it was my fault. I was hystercal over a phone call that I just got and laid him on the bed so I could get a tissue. I was only three feet away but when I put my hands out to catch him I didn't make it. I felt so guilty. Let us know how she makes out.


kEEKEE - June 27

ER asap!!!! Good luck!!!


ariana - June 27

Hey guys I took her this morning to doc. and she is fine, thank G-d!! At first the doctor didnt want to do tests like x-rays cuz he said she looked fine but i insisted. She is fine, thank you guys for ur concern. I know i felt soo guilty after it happend you know, I was soo mad at myself.


E - June 27

Thank goodness you went right away. Now you can relax. I am so happy to hear that she is okay. XOXO and a huge kiss for your baby girl. Give her some extra attention tonight:)


kEEKEE - June 27

Thank God!! Enjoy your little angel!!!!


Jennifer - June 27

I am so glad she is ok. It is nerve wracking but stuff will happen.



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