My Baby Freaks Out

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Angela - November 15

I don't understand what is going on!! My 9 week old pulls such a fit at least once or twice a day. For example when I finish feeding her, she'll start crying and tense up and jolt back...I don't understand what is going on!! I don't know maybe if she is having a reaction to the formula? I feel like my baby is the only miserable one.. Can anyone one else relate? Please help!!


Tanya - November 15

LOL - I hear you! My little guy was doing that after every time he ate - I was scared to feed him outside of the house because I didnt know if he was going to scream after or be ok! He has acid reflux and is now on medicine and doesnt freak out like that after eating anymore. But I totally sympathize with you, I felt like I had such an unhappy baby!


BBK ® © - November 15

We found out (after much hair-pulling) that once my daughter is tired/overstimulated, she gets fussy. Of course you first rule out hunger and wet-diaper. She could be having gas, but don't forget food makes them lethargic too.... probably a combo of both.


f - November 15



p - November 15



Sonya - November 15

Sounds like gas to me. It can really hurt their little tummies. It often seems like they are hungry but they won't feed good. That is how I know my son has gas. I sometimes lay him on his stomach on my legs and pat his back. It seems to calm him.


Lissi - November 15

Nadya freaks out too. She also does it when she's over-tired. When she gets like this I have to put her on my shoulder, walk around and make shushing noises until she calms down. Then I swaddle her, put her in her moses basket and hold a pacifier in her mouth until she falls into a deep sleep. Stroking the bit between her eyebrows works quite well too. She usually fights it a bit, but eventually gives in and drifts into a deep sleep. If she still won't sleep after 15 mins or so, then I know she also has wind, and needs a lot more walking around and shushing before she'll sleep. One really good peace of advice someone gave me, was to put the radio on (untuned), because the static noise helps soothe them off to sleep when they're fussy.


Angela - November 15

Thanks for your advice guys :o) I made an appointment with the doctor just to make sure everything is ok.



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