My Baby Girl Is Soooo Hard To Burp

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carmendanielle - May 4

h__lo. i have a 5 week old daughter who just does not want to burp. sometimes it seriously takes an hour to get it out. if i leave her and hope she's okay she will always wake fron her nap crying. i try all burping positions, but none really seem to so the trick better than the others. does anyone else have this trouble, or have any advice? could this be a medical issue?


nic nac - May 4

I had and still have the same problem. My dd is 4 months and from day one she would take forever to burp. It's not a medical issue but you can call your dr. if you are concerned. Sometimes she would eventually burp on her own. But I would retry to burp her every 15 min or so off and on. The burps are there trust me. Or you could use gas drops. I used to use the gas drops twice a day (during the day and at night) and it helped. But you have to use them before her meal is fully digested because once the food reached the intestines the gas drops don't help. I don't use them anymore because she is getting better about burping.


Emy - May 4

What works really well for me is to bounch her on my laps (supporting her head of course) for a bit. She will almost always burp within a minute of this.


YC - May 4

Hello. My dd was the same way. I would spend 30 minutes to an hour trying to get her to burp. I talked to the ped when she was like 4 weeks old and he told me I was wasting my time. He said if she had nit burped within a few minutes of trying that I could stop. She is now 19 weeks and she burps whenever she wants no matter how much I try. Silly baby. Good luck.


Bonnie - May 4

I agree with YC, anymore than 5 minutes is a waste of time. Unfortunately the first 3 months I find are just very tough in general. Babies tummies are not developed all the way and it really makes life hell. Things you can do to help....try less-air bottles (Advent, Dr.Brown, Playetx nurser, etc) try nipple, after nipple, after nipple. My son's air was finally cured after going to playtex nursers with LATEX nipples. Only took me 3 months to figure that one out, lol. He needs latex and wider nipples. ~sigh~...Use gas drops (like Mylicon) at every feed. Mason always burped best for me when he sat up super straight. So I would sit him on my knee bu then hold him up and slightly backward so he was real straight. Goodluck!


kimberley - May 5

I have always been told, not to burp for longer than 5 minutes, if they dont burp after 5 minutes, continue with the feed, unless finished. BUT.....I always found if I lied my baby down flat for a couple of minutes, when I picked them back up, they would always do a good burp. Also, when you to go burp......when you take the bottle out of their mouth, wait a couple of minutes before you start gives all the gas bubbles time to form together, so you get a good decent burp. Hope this helps :)


hello - May 5

This is my specialty, i have had burping issues with her forever... My solutions are, some water just a second before u go to burp her... Look for some burping medicine at the pharmacy. I use it in her night time bottle, i cant live without it... Here i bought infacol... it just helps to get them burps and make them one or 2 huge ones instead of 1 million small ones.... Make sure the teet is appropriate, stupid me had bought a teet for water and not milk so i made my own misery.... As soon as possible add lots of tummy time ... once they are crawling that helps and sitting up as they burp on their own... Rubbing the back instead of tapping helps too or should i say as well as tapping...................most gas drops also as nic nac says go directly into the milk.... even lifting her in the air even helped as well as a break from rubbing too etc, sometimes some time is needed without touching them and it will also come................... good luck



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