My Baby Has AIDS

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what if it was you? - July 15

Can you imagine hearing this? That your little baby has AIDS, and that you cannot get the medicine that your child needs to live or the food that your child needs to thrive and survive... what if you knew that your baby would be dead before the end of the month!!... No, my baby does not have AIDS... I am talking about MILLIONS of babies and children in countries like Africa. Yes I know this is a depressing topic but i can't help thinking that as I am sitting infront of my computer, in my nice desk chair, drinking tea and listening to my beautiful healthy baby girl through the baby monitor that right now there are Babies, children, teenagers and adults suffering, starving and dying for no other reason than they live in a 3rd world country. I know I sound like a commercial, but the truth is that compared to them we have it pretty darn good... I was referred to a site by a friend of mine, the site is raising money (and yes it is legit) to fight global poverty and AIDS. I am a single mom on a fixed income myself but i did buy a set of bracelets (10 for $10) that support this cause and I wear mine proudly.... if you have the time, please check out this site, and if you cannot donate etc fwd it on to friends and family... ... thanks for reading...


CherishCayleigh - July 15

I went onto that site and purchased 10 bracelets, thanks for letting me know about the site, its a good idea....


Tami - July 15

Thanks for that post. I lived in Uganda for a few months and volunteered in a babies home and worked in a school for orphans and disabled children. It is a devastating thing to see these poor babies dying because they have AIDS or don't even get adequate nutrition even if they would be healthy otherwise. I can't say how many times I would come back to hold these little babies and the ones I had held the day before would have died overnight. It is so sad, and it is impossible for the situation to get better becuase the governments have other problems to take care of-such as rebel warfare, AIDS, and other htings. There is no such thing as government aid for them. I would highly recommend that people find out all the information they can about the crisis in third world countries and get the word out. Most people in the developed countries are clueless about what is happening. I know that Americans generally don't have any idea about the poverty and problems that are encompa__sing a great deal of people worldwide. The media doesn't help. Not many people know about the Sudan crisis that is happening right now-another genocide. Most people had never heard about the Rwanda genocide until the recent Hotel Rwanda came out. It is just awful that more people aren't aware of this. I will tell you one thing, the African people are hte most loving people I have ever met. I am sure the same can be said for most people of third world countries!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 15

A girl that had two liver transplants has started a website. Everyone asked what she wanted while she was in the hospital and she told them to donate money to Africa for people affected by aids. her website is She is only like 12 years old.


Bump - July 17




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