My Baby Is Soooo Cranky All The Time

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maryann - January 22

I'm always telling myself that there is always a reason for my son to be fussing and that he can't be fussing over nothing, but sometimes the reasons run out! He is 9 weeks old and started being fussy 3 weeks ago. I try to feed him, burp him, hold him, swaddle him, play with him and everything possible, but I'm starting to wonder if I just have a cranky, fussy baby. He will not stay still for longer than a minute without screaming or crying, unless he's sleeping of course. When does it get better? Please give me some encouragement, I'm a first time mom and worry about everything.


Mommy - January 22

Maybe he has colic? That sounds like it because They cry for no reason really and it gets really stressful. Try some gas drops or maybe switching formula if you bottle feed or taking something out of your diet that may irritate his little tummy if you are b___st feeding.


Sophie's Grandma - January 22 many reasons for these little people and thier fussing. Fussing vs. Colic: Colic is screaming for hours on end and nothing will console the baby. Fussing is just being a baby. Most babies love to be bare bum. Be sure the room is nice and warm and there's a "pee pad" of some sort under them and let 'em go:) Do you have a mobile over the crib? Dancing around a room with music may work. Weather permitting a walk outdoors. And sometimes they just want to left alone (in the some room). A nice WARM bath. Or, someone else to hold them for a while. Babies have a keen sense when Mom's racking her brain out:) He'll get over it...keep up the hugs and kisses:)


Christy - January 22

My little guy is like that, but at 11 weeks, he is improving. I think they eventually outgrow that fussy/colicky/crabby stage as their bodies develop more. Hang in there. It sounds like you are doing the right things!


Jbear - January 22

Try a baby swing too...mine is a big help. We always tend to take it personally when our babies cry, but I think it's usually that they just can't communicate yet, and there's so much going on that they have to get used to. It gets easier once they start to talk though.


FF - January 22

I agree with Jbear (as usual!) the swing is a total lifesaver. When my son was newborn and just fussed all the time, the swing calmed him down nearly every time when other ideas ran out. I know you've heard it before, but it does get better and more rewarding! Good luck!


Tami - January 22

The swing always works for Kailey as well! We also will put the shower on and hold her in the bathroom with the door shut and the light off with the shower going and rock her-usually calms her right down or puts her to sleep! Also sometimes when I can't find a reason for her crying I inspect her little toes and fingers and sometimes will find a hair wrapped around them making her mad.


Meredith - January 22

The swing NEVER worked for my first. Second one loves it, go figure. First one always got quiet when I took her outside. Even in the shade, the brightness of outside calmed her down. It will get better, they do not stay like that forever.


CEM - January 22

Don't worry maryann, it sounds like you're doing all the right things! A walk maybe might help the both of you. A ma__sage, a bath, dancing... It could be that he's just a fussy baby, you never know. My first was SO easy and so is the one I have now. But the one in the middle - look out! He was such a fussy, cranky little bugger. It took both me and my husband by surprise. I was worried when I was pregnant this last time, but thank goodness this one's like the first. My middle son is just about 3 now and he is still the same, fussy for no reason and a little grouch. I just wish I'd have known then, I wouldn't have felt so guilty. If your baby has all his basic needs met, isn't too warm or cold, and is getting lots of snuggles I'm sure he'll be fine. : )


maryann - January 22

Thanks for the encouragement ladies! I guess I'm bummed because it all isn't what I expected it to be. I know he doesn't have colic because he is consolable and doesn't cry for long stretches, its just that he seems unhappy. Its even harder because my DH works throughout the night and sleeps when he gets home so I feel like I'm the only one handling my baby 24/7 without a break. All the babies around me (nieces, nephews, friends kids, etc) are all such quiet, happy babies and I hate it when people comment on how fussy my baby is. He was 5 weeks early so I'm also taking into consideration that he is taking a little longer to adapt to the outside world while also trying to find ways to communicate with me. Thanks again


Meredith - January 22

CEM - I know about the fear of having a fussy baby. The first time this second one started crying loudly, I could feel the fear welling up. Luckily, so far, she has been very good.


Sarah-Natalees mama - January 22

My baby is always cranky and fussing too. She is almost 5 months old (I sure hope it pa__ses soon). It's funny b/c one minute she will be smiling/lauging then start crying or vice versa. I have to admit it has gotten better over the past month. I also am a first time mom and worry so much too. It doesn't sound like colic to me, just a "fussy face". LOL My snugli does wonders for me. Also wanted to add the reason my dd is so cranky and fussy is b/c she fights sleep so BAD. I know thats what it is. After I get her to take a nap she is usually pretty happy for an hr or 2.


Anne - January 22

Maryann...Have you read the book "The Happiest Baby on the Block"? It's pretty describes several strategies to use to help babies calm down. They all start with a S. The suggested strategies were to swaddle, swing, make the shhhhhh sound, suck (using a pacifier; if you don't mind) and a I can't remember the last strategy that started with an S. It's been awhile since I've read it and I let a friend borrow it. It seem to help my "cranky" baby. Good Luck!


Christy - January 22

Just out of curiosity, how early/late was he born relative to his due date? They say babies born earlier tend to be fussier for longer periods of times. My son was three weeks older and he is still a major crabby crab some days. Although, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he hates to sleep during the day.


j - January 22



CEM - January 23

Wow, that's early maryann! I think it's rather heartless that people constantly comment on how fussy your baby is.... maybe you should tell them that it hurts your feelings and that he is who he is! It's hard enough to not feel inadequate when you're a first time mom without having to hear stuff like that on top of it. Maybe he's just going through womb separation still. Give him a little extra time to adjust since he was so early. Try to ignore all the negative comments and give yourself a pat on the back! You're doing your best!


CEM - January 23

Meredith - was your first fussy? It's funny, "they" say that firsts are usually fussy and second ones not as, but it was the other way around for me!



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