My Baby Is Weird

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Lissi - October 17

There are many things that amuse my daughter these days, but nothing amuses her more than when she manages to cover the both of us in sick! She coos, gurgles and laughs for ages afterwards. The more sick there is, the happier she is! Weird!


Tahlia's Mama - October 17

She probably feels a whole lot better that it is out! I know Tahlia has bad reflux, but she is always happier after that last 50mls is out!


BBK ® © - October 17

Lissi I don't think we have a single piece of garment without some white stains when we do laundy. We even have a routine to seek the stains and spray stain remover on it. Try to not stand up with her right away and hold her sitting and rub her back till you get a couple of burps.


keekee - October 17

She likely feel better afterwards. I remember when Avery(bad reflux) throw up in my mouth. I hate sharing this nasty fact but it may make you feel better....heehee....I have never put a baby close to my mouth again while crying. I never felt so sick. I know how you feel. Soon your daughter will grow out of the "sick" behavior. Take care


Lissi - October 17

Eew! KeeKee! LOL! I haven't been that unlucky yet, and I hope I never will! :) I just can't keep up with the washing! I never have enough clothes. I put something clean on and 10 minutes later is covered in vomit! Leaking b___bs are a real problem as well. Sometimes those b___st pads just aren't enough. I'm permantly wet (and not in a good way!). Can any of you remember what normality is like? Because I sure can't!


NO WARNING - October 19

why am I getting the impression that you are are teasing her right back by saying ' You do that and I'll puke right back at you ' lol ... anyway it sounds like she's getting some form of encouragement attention , could be how disgusted you react ? either that or she really does feel so much better disposing of her stuffings that she really is happy . We had the same problem with our first peeing on us during diaper change , we just laughed it off and cheered ha ha you got mommy or ha ha you got daddy depending on who was 'not' at the receiving end ... it helped it all go so much easier to handle because he did it so much . lol anyway HAPPY baby body fluids to all LOL



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