My Baby S Getting A Bald Patch

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Lissi - November 15

Is there any way to prevent a baby going bald at the back? Nadya was born with a lovely head of brown silky hair, but it's getting really thin at the back, where she rubs it on the matress. :(


CEM - November 15

Hi Lissi. Same thing's happening to my baby too. I'm starting to think it's kind of cute.... I don't think there's much you can do about it, but it will grow back so don't worry! :)


Steven's Mom - November 15

The back of my son's head looks like a saturn ring. It will get better though..


L - November 15

Most babies lose the hair they are born with and a new head of hair will grow back sometime before their 1st birthday and sometimes a different color too. My first child's hair came in brownish and now she is a platinum blonde at 3. My 12 week old is slowly but surely losing her hair as well, was really dark at birth now coming in light. You can blame it on mom's hormones.


Julie - November 15

My son is completely bald on the top now and had such a nice head of hair. He looks like one of those old guys with the comb over now - he only has hair on the back and sides. This happened with my other son too he went completely bald and then hair grew back about a month later. As far as the bald spot in the back try giving her some tummy time during the day. I always let my son lay on my lap or put him over the boppy on his tummy.


Mommy - November 15

My sons both did this. My first was born with black hair, and it fell out in the back, and came back in black again. My second was born with dark red hair, it fell out and now he has really blonde hair. I think it's unavoidable. :o)


it is pretty much - November 15

unavoidable, all babies get it until they can move around more. Or if they are held alot it may not be as bad. Something that I found helpful was satiny things, doesn't pull at the hair as much as cotton. She didn't go totally bald but it did thin alot. It's starting to fill in again. Not sure if "satiny" things are "en vogue" for babies. I wouldn't be surprised if someone came back and said it was BAD BAD BAD, but it worked for us.


soleil - November 15

hello this happend to my daughter, she is 10mo. now and its been growing back for a month now, its still not as thick as the rest of her hair but its growing. She got it at the back of her head. I know a lot of babies that this has happend and to all of them their hair has started to grow back before the age of 1.


Ruth - November 15

The doc tells me this is normal. But, Gabriel has one serious receeding hair line! He had sooooo much hair when he was born and now it's getting thinner and thinner... :(


Toya - November 15

lol. Asjani was born with beautiful hair as is still very thick and beautiful on the top, but she has a huge bald spot in the back and then a rattail. It is so cute though.


Lissi - November 15

It's just such a shame it has to go! Everyone compliments her on her lovely hair and I'm so proud of it. My husband blames the genes on my side of the family, because all the men are half bald. Lol! I might try that silky suggestion, to try and minimise the effect though. Good one! Thanks. :)


Kathryn - November 15

I have been lucky because Nathan's hair has not fallen out. Everyone kept warning us about it, but it just keeps growing. He's already had two haircuts and a due for another. My cousins little boy had lots of hair at birth also. Now he just has a flap in the front.



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