My Baby S Gone Bonkers

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K8 - February 2

Ok so lo is 6 months old and she has started to squeal like you would not believe, when she is annoyed or getting bored or agitated she just lets out a high pitched screech and its seriously annoying :) especially if we are out at a cafe or something and i have to keep apologising to everyone and quickly take her outside! will this phase pass soon? also is she too young for me to start saying "NO" in a stern voice? usually when i do this she thinks its hilarious and laughs at me, she doesnt realise what 'angry' is yet? On a happier note she is waving h__lo and bye bye now and its SOOOOOOOOO cute.


AlissaF - February 2

I was wondering about the "no" thing too. Sage is into EVERYTHING and I am trying to teach him what is not okay to get into. He usually just looks at me and either smiles really big or laughs and continues going after whatever it was that he was headed for. Fortunately he doesn't squeal, but he does like to raise his voice and yell.


K8 - February 2

lol Alissa, thats exactly what Heidi does when i say no. They are too precious arent they.


dee23 - February 3

she is waving hello and goodbye? wow that seems abit early. congrats!


k.p.j.e. - February 3

My son is much older, but just curious--does she tense up and get all red when she does that? Mine did that and still does...he is usually just releasing some frustration and then immediately is fine. Yes 6 motnhs old is unfortunately too young for them to understand "no" i.m.o. My little guy still laughs when I or my hubby says no, but he IS starting to test us more...yay


Ca__sie06 - February 3

Oh yeah. This drives me nuts!! DS is 6 months old and gets mad when he cant get to something (he is rolling and creeping but wants to be crawling! lol) he wants or I take something that he cant have and he screams the most blood-curdling high pitched squeal! He has also started screaming like this then grabbing his foot and biting it!! Temper, temper!


K8 - February 3

kpje yes she does go all red and then she makes a weird low noise at the end like she is squeezing out a poop. ha ha too funny.



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