My Baby Said His First Word

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Shelly - November 21

I know 15.5 weeks is waaaaaay to early to be able to say a word,but I have 2 witnesses.My husband was holding Jesse and said "h__loooo Jesse" and Jesse said clearly "h__looo".When I heard that I thought I am not saying anything and looked around and everybody was staring at the baby so I went ahead and asked if anybody heard anything and a friend said :the kid just said "h__looo",and my husband said thats what I heard,so the 3 of us heard the same.I guess he is just imitating sounds,but it was so clear.Maybe he will start talking early??? he is always pretty "vocal".


Liana - November 21

congrats Shelly you must be so proud!!!!!! ;-) one of my daughters first words were " uki peeze" ( cookie please)


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 21

I swear Lucas says "hi" sometimes when we say it to him. He is always trying to hold a baby talk conversation or screech or fake cough to get attention. Gotta love these adorable little babies!


TC - November 21

Wait a minute!! Did you just say 15.5 WEEKS. I say call somebody and get this kid on T.V. Just kidding!! lol Congratulations!!!


Jbear - November 21

My first daughter said "I love you" when she was three months. She said it for a couple of weeks, forgot it, and went on to baby talk.


BBK ® © - November 21

Way to go Jesse! Just watch out what you say around him then :-)


Sarah - November 21

Wow, I can't wait till Natalee can say something. She is very expressive with her coos. I 'm sure he will be an early talker :)


Jadyns Mommy - November 21

I swear babies are so much smarter then we can ever imagine. Jadyn says "oh yeah?" all the time and she started it at about 14 weeks because whenever she starts babbling, we always answer "oh yeah?" Her dad was hoping to make a living winning bar bets with that one (hehe, kidding)


Shelly to Rachael mommy2 lucas - November 21

I also thought I had been hearing Jesse say hi but just thought it was a babysound.Also when he is hungry he screams"lait" which is milk in french, I know he does not really mean to say that but it just "sounds" like it.But that "hello"was just so clear.And yes,I am so proud of him,and I am happy I had "witnesses",I would not have believed it otherwise.


TC - November 21

You know its funny but when my 11wk old really wants something, it sounds like he is saying "Ma". He pokes his lip out and says it.


angela - November 21

congratulations, i was so excited when my seven month old said mama, i couldnt believe it eventhough she doesnt really know that i'm her mommy at least is nice to hear her saying it. she also says daddy :)


Toya - November 21

Shelly, that is cool. Asjani says mama and dada...When she was 15 weeks she used to say Herbert....I don't know anyone named herbert.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 22

It's so cool, babies are smarter than we give them credit for sometimes. Lately when Lucas is upset it almost sounds like he says momum.


momma - November 22

awww soo cute my daughter made naises that sounded like words probly starting about that age now she is 7 1/2 months and the other day when my mil walked through the door she said ga-ma she also says dada when dh gets home and ga-la-la when fil comes over (fil is trying his best to get dd to say gorilla) and one morning when i woke up with her she was going mamma (repetedly) then while i was changing her she kept saying baba id say she knows what she wants


yvonne - November 30

How do you know you are havinf a baby?


~ - November 30

How old are you? 8? 10?


CEM - November 30

Congratulations Shelly!! It's not too young at all. All my kids said their first word around that time as well. Something like hi or hello is an easier word for a baby to say. After all, all we're doing is imitating sounds as well. :)



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