My Baby Scared Me

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lissica - January 12

Hi girls. Last week i put my 3mo old son in his bassinet at night just like every night. It's right beside my bed so when i wake during the night i always take a peak at him. Usually when i check him i can see either his chest or stomach moving up and down immediately so i go back to sleep but the other night i checked him and he didn't appear to be breathing at all. I felt his chest/stomach and he was so still that i panicked and moved his arms around then he slowly turned his head. He was fine. It was like he was in a deep sleep or something. Well it happened again last night and scared me half to death. Has anyone else experienced this?Could it just be his breathing was so light i couldn't tell?I am so scared of SIDS and this is not fun worrying all the time.


tryin44 - January 12

YES!!!!!! I hate that. I have four kids and it has happened more than a few times with each of them. My almost three month old did it to me last week also. Her cradle it by my bed which she is NEVER in and I decided she was sleeping so sound I would try. Well like three hours later I woke up and same thing. I couldn't see her breething. We have a night light in the room and I guess it was the lighjt but she looked bluish. I felt her fingers and of coarse they were little ice cubes. I thought well that is not to weird. Babies finger are often cold. I picked her hand up and it was so limp and she didn't even flinch. I did thst three more time and nothing. My heart sunk. I sat up in bed and shook her chest. She jerked her arms up and was up. Well. I then got to feed her and get her back to sleep but at least I knew she was ok. I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS. It is every mothers worst nightmare.


Punkin - January 12

They sell those Angel Care monitors, if you are that worried it would probably be well worth the money to have the a__surance your little one is alright.


iemc19 - January 12

My 4th child did this to me when he was about 4 months old - again I woke up and he was so still, his chest wasn't moving, I poked him 4/5 times and it was a rough shake that finally jostled him...I found it so horrifying because I had never experienced this with my other 3 kids ...nor have I since with him....I did take him to the hospital the next day to be told that lots of babies do this!! Scary!! My sister said her eldest did this at least once a fortnight - ugh!! And those monitors wouldtotally freak me out if I did then have a child who was a deep sleeper - can you imagine!!


NacHO - January 12

my son is 6 an a half months old and im still doing that paranoid check up thing every night... all the time... even during naps... and he can be the same... he'll sleep really light, frighten the life out of me, then turn over... lol! i do wonder when i'll stop worrying!


lissica - January 12

Thanks so much for sharing all your experiences. It really did make me feel better to know it happens to other people as well. I spoke to my friend tonight who is a public health nurse and she told me it was nothing to be alarmed about and as long as he is not turning blue or having a hard time breathing that he is probably just a very heavy sleeper with shallow breaths that aren't enough to make his chest visibly rise. Ahh i don't think the worrying will ever stop. It's the curse of loving something so much lol.


sphinx - January 12

Both of my twins did this, too. I guess its common but still worrisome nonetheless.


docbytch - January 13

My boy is a shallow breather when he sleeps. When checking him I usually just put my hand near his face...if I can feel warmth emanating from his face then I know he is alright. I will also just brush his cheek too just to make sure. Babies can sleep VERY deeply. I have come to realize my boy is just a deep's like being unconscious. Still...I gotta check on him JUST to ease my mind


cors1wfe - January 13

My son was a very deep sleeper and I just wasn't happy unless I touched him and he moved. So it's safe to say newborns are scary - ladies - let me share what I have learned - guess what ? once they get bigger we will move on to worrying about something else...LOL it never ends then we will worry about what food to feed them etc - the best advice I can give is just relax and enjoy motherhood - whatever is going to happen is going to happen so try not to worry so much. Remember when you were carrying your baby you thought - once this baby is born I won't worry so much .....I know a few of you are laughing as you read this.....relax and enjoy and good luck to you all.


Allisonc79 - January 14

I know my lo is 5 1/2 mo and although I feel safer than I use too I still don't feel out of the water with it. She hates sleeping on her back though! If I put her to sleep like that she wakes up and starts crying, or rolls over on her tummy immediately. But I have read that around 6 mo when they can turn its ok to just let them get into whatever position is comfortable.


jenna32 - January 14

don't feel bad, i do the same thing all the time when i put my ear up to her and i'm not able to hear her breathing. i play with her arms and she will move.



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