My Baby Screams

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Toya - October 25

Asjani is in the phase now where she likes to scream...I mean a high pitched one! She's not even mad or anything, she just likes to scream. She is almost 6 months old. Does anyone else's baby do this?


Ashley - October 26

My little girl is 6.5 months... she's been doing this for about a month now. Sometimes we'll be at a restaurant and she scream and screams and then laughs. I think its because they're just starting to realize that its their voice and they can make that sound.


BBK ® © - October 26

My daughter does that once or twice a day. (3.5 months old) She lets out a scream then laughs about it. Maybe by 6 months she'll do it more


Amanda N - October 26

My daughter is almost 6 months and found out about that at 4 months did it all the time for awhile, not so much now, but still from time to time she will catch you off guard.


momma - October 26

my daughter is 6.5 months and she does the same thing she squeals and then i look or say something and she laughs she also seems to say da alot (mostly when dh gets home from work or she wants his attention) she is starting to say momma to and when grandpa tries getting her to say gorilla she says gaga


Toya - October 26

I started noticing Asjani doing this about a month ago, but it is ROUGH now! Last night, my husband, in-laws, and I took her out with us to a Restaurant/casino called "The Cannery" and she set it off in there! She let out a HIGH piercing squeal and started grinning and shaking her head from left to right really fast! It's nice to see that other babies do this too. Momma, that is cute that your daughter says "da" when dh gets home. Asjani I think will say mama before dada...She seems to like the "mmm" sound.


Lora - November 8

My 4 month just started this. We don't know what to do it's cute but getting old fast! She may do it once or twice a day but for up to an hour at a time.......arrggg I hope she grows out of it soon!


Steven's Mom - November 8

My son has been screaming as well! I think it was ever since we got his Jumperoo. He has been very loud over the past couple days. I think he just realize he has a voice,we think it's pretty funny! It's hard to believe how loud he can be,he is 4 1/2 months!


Lora - November 8

To stevens mom are you useing a jumper that hangs from the doorway? I want to use mine but I thought I had to wait till she can sit up? What do you think.


Steven's Mom - November 8

To Lora, we use the Fisher Price deluxe Jumperoo! He loves it..We just had a brand new house built and we didn't want to have it hang from the door molding. The jumperoo is stationary though,it does take up alot of room though. Well worth it though. For the age on it,it just states as long as the baby can hold his head up. She doesn't have to sit up,just good control of her head!Goodluck :O)


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 8

Lucas has just started doing this. He also fake coughs. He loves to hear his little voice. Sometimes you'll think he is falling asleep and then this high pitched screech followed by a giggle will come from him. It si so funny. He is 12 weeks old.


Lora - November 8

Ha Ha mine fakes the cough to! She started that before she was a month old. I rushed her to the pedi and when she told us that its fake I couldn't believe babies do that! She still does the cough also only after she poops my baby makes the strangest noise like she is sucking in her voice backwards anyone else do this? I have that one on tape many times it's hilarious!



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