My Baby Strains Too Much For Poop

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GC - May 11

Hello Friends, For the past one week, my ds strains a lot for first poop of the day. He starts at around 5:30am while he is still sleeping, it goes for almost an hour. He will take a break closer to an hour and he again starts straining. Finally, he poops. The stool looks normal & it does not show any sign of constipation. He was still asleep while all the straining going on. He does not strain for the 2nd, 3rd poops for the day. My ped says that it is normal & he is learning to use the system and he will become poop expert after some time. It is very hard for me to see him strain so much for so many hours. Anybody has similar experience? Any help is appreciated.


JEN - May 11

Yep- my ds was just this way a few weeks ago- now he is a "poop expert!" My ped said that many babies strain so hard because they actually squeeze their little rectum closed while they are trying to push the poo out. If it seems really bad at times, he suggested that I "take his temperature" by inserting a thermometer with a lubricant on it into his bum...apparently they naturally want to push the thermometer out, and the poo comes with it. Beware- this method is VERY messy LOL! I'm sure your ds will get it right soon. : )


pbj - May 11

I agree my LO had the same issue when she was that age. My ped said a something simliar...they are learning how to use and building their muscles. As long as he is not screaming in pain or bowel movement looks strange there's no need to worry, believe me it will work itself out. It seems like forever, but it does.


nic nac - May 11

yep. totally normal. straining is normal as JEN, pbj and your dr. said. I wouldn't worry unless you saw pebble like stool. Then he is constipated.


Brandi - May 11

My son does this too, he makes the most hilarious faces! He looks like a little old man making mean faces, hehe.


Kel - May 12

my baby does the same thing!!!! She is 7 weeks old. We actually went to the dr for it the other day. She isn't constipated, but has a hard time getting it out for some reason. He said we could give her 1 ounce of water mixed with 1 tsp of sugar once a day and it has helped so much. It just softens her stool a bit. The first time we did it, she poo'd about 5 minutes later. My dd was straining so bad her face and ears were beat red! good luck


Rabbits07 - May 12

my little guy does that sometimes and he is a constant pooper...6-8 times per day...and it's always about the consistensy of mustard. He gave me a surprise earlier today. I had changed 3 diapers in a row with no poo and was thinking "why isn't he pooing?" Well, number 4 was a doozy! He must have been saving it all up because there was about 4 diapers worth in there!


GC - May 12

My ds has been doing this for almost 2 weeks. how long your LOs are doing this?. Thank u all for sharing ur experience.



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