My Baby Wont Sleep

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mayaB - June 15

I feel like I cant take it anymore. My baby hasnt slept all day long and I'm exhausted as well. At times I get so agitated I feel like doing bad things. Like throwing him or slapping him.. OBVIOUSLY I dont and never would.. but it gets to the point that the thought is there. Why wont he sleep. I know that the more tired they get the harder it gets for them to sleep. and there he goes crying again. gotta go


YC - June 15

Is there someone who can give you a break for a few hours? Dont be afraid to ask for help.


Jamie - June 15

Try setting him in his crib, then go outside and take a deep breath, or five...when you get stressed, your baby can pick up on it. So calm yourself down a little bit, then go back in and try giving him a warm bath.


Mel_C - June 15

Oh honey. I know just how you feel. I'm with YC and Jamie, take care of YOU for a little bit. It won't hurt him to cry for a bit while you get your breath, just make sure he's someplace safe and then close the door for ten minutes and have a cup of tea with the TV on loud. Good luck, I wish you all the best.


nic nac - June 15

mayaB I know how you feel. Sleep deprivation is so harmful on our bodies. it makes you get a little delirious. When baby doesn't sleep, you don't sleep but you still have to go on throughout the day and take care of your lo and yourself and the rest of your family. It is normal to have those thoughts but its more important to walk away before anything happens. I have gotten to the point where I just put her in her crib and close the door and walk away and let her cry and check on her every 20 min. It hurt to hear her cry but I would rather hear her cry knowing she is learning to go to sleep than to cry from any harm I could cause. You can always come hear to vent and get it off your chest because most if not all of us have been through the rought times when our little ones don't sleep. keep us posted.


Sophia - June 16

He probably needs something to soothe him. Try giving a pacifier. Some babies take their thumb when they are sleepy or bored. Some don't figure this out and just cry. It's okay to let him cry if you are stressed. What is his age, by the way? If less than 6 months, don't leave him for more than a few minutes.


Ca__sieSong - June 16

Maya, I feel for you. My dd (who is now 6 months) was like that too. She just would not sleep. My entire day was comprised of trying to soothe her to sleep. Have you ever read "Happiest Baby on the block" by Dr. Harvey Karp? I suggest that book if you have a little one. How old is your baby? I found that vigorous rocking/bouncing and white noise helped a lot. Of course it didn't keep her from crying all the time, but it gave me breaks! Get a white noise CD and a swaddle blanket if less than 3 months.


ca_pink - June 16

Definitely take care of yourself... if your baby has been fed, changed and is not sick... take a break because having your baby cry for 10 minutes or 45 minutes does not cause your baby harm. You probably don't have time to read a book but if you do, I recommend you read "Baby Wise". Also, try swaddling your little one, use a pacifier if necessary and try a sound machine (with womb sound or white noise). Good luck and hang in there!


Jamie - June 16

Maya, did he ever go to sleep?


austinsmom - June 16

Maybe you could also try stripping yourself and your baby down to diaper and cuddle him really close skin on skin contact does sometimes help hold him so his head is on your b___st and he can hear your heartbeat you can try humming to him as well cause the vibrations and closeness will hopefully help..good luck and vent here anytime it gets overwelming maybe we can come up with even more ideas if these listed do not work ((hugs))


Dalinkwent - June 17

Don't come here and expect help for the rough patches in motherhood. Don't vent here unless you desire to be stoned and laid out for the vultures and called everything short of a child of God. I understand what you are going through, though. My baby is the same way sometimes. What gave me some releif was just beginning a schedule with her. It works out great for us all, and she's a happier baby. I hope you take care and stay strong. Try the eat, play, sleep schedule. It works.


nic nac - June 18

Dalinkwent if you read the replies you can see we were all very supportive. The reason your post got nasty is because you did. I understood where you were coming from but don't put all of us in the same category it isn't fair. MayaB, the schedule dalinkwent is refering to is in the baby whisperer book which is a good book for scheduling.


Dalinkwent - June 18

TY nic nac, but I don't need a cosigner on what I said. Thanks again. Wrong is wrong, no matter how you paint it.


SonyaM - June 18

Can we PLEASE not start this again!!! mayab, the book The Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg is awesome. It teaches the EASY methody. Eat, Activity, Sleep and Yourself (meaning time for you). I highly recommend it. I taught me how to read my son's signs for being tired etc, so he didn't get overtired. When you catch them before they get too tired they usually fall right to sleep. It is amazing. Good luck and keep us updated.


mayaB - June 19

thank you ladies for responding!! well the baby does eventually go to sleep.. ( he is 5 weeks old) but it is just hard to get him there.. Once he does fall asleep, then it is already time for him to eat. Argh. Today as well he's not sleeping. I do everything I know to do. Rock him, give him his pacifier, wrap him, sing to him, put him by the tv so that there is constant sound (soft). But nothing seems to work. . and I'm just getting tired of working so hard to get him to sleep. I DO love him. :)


Sarahsmommy - June 19

MayaB have you tryed lying your LO down to go to sleep, like in the crib or ba__sinet or whatever? Very early on my DD showed me she did not like to be held to go to sleep but if I would give her her paci and but her swaddled in her ba__sinet she would go right to sleep just a suggestion. Also if he goes to sleep and then needs to eat let him sleep a while before feeding him, also sometimes they will eat in there sleep so you don't have to wake him, you can try that too.



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