My Biggest Parenting Pet Peve

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N - July 26

I am sorry, but this just bothers me. Twice in one week now i have been out in public and have seen three year olds drinking PEPSI from a baby bottle! I just can't stand it! I know it's stupid and probably very trivial, but it's sooo bad for their teeth and caffine stunts growth.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 26

I do agree with you. It is one thing that it is pepsi, but it is another thing that it is in a baby bottle. THEY ARE MEANT FOR MILK, FORMULA, and JUICE!!! People wonder why ADD and ADHD are the most mid-diagnosed problems in children (its because a lot of parents hipe their kids up on caffein and sugar and wonder why they wont sit still!!!) Anyway, I completely agree with you that cokes should not be given to children. They should make an age limit (like alcohol age 21) lol anyway thanks for the post! <<<stepping off my soapbox...


Jbear - July 27

Three year old's shouldn't be drinking anything from a baby bottle--it's bad for their teeth. Bottles should not be used after the first year. I give my daughter diet soda sometimes. She won't drink plain water, and she doesn't need the calories from milk or juice all the time. Diet soda was okayed by our pediatrician. My daughter is in the 95th percentile for both height and weight. Also, once you start potty-training, you don't want your kid running around sucking down fruit juice constantly either.


E - July 27

OMG!! I once saw the same thing when I was at my brother's military base in Texas. A mother poured a can of soda into the baby's bottle, and of course the baby was delighted!! He was only a couple of years old. I thought I was seeing incorrectly b/c I could not believe anyone would pour a can of soda in a bottle, or give so much to a child. Too much juice can rot their teeth, so I can only imagine what soda does to a baby/toddler. There is no reason to give soda, in any amount, to a small child. It may not be detrimental but I can't imagine any reason to start doing it.


Katharine - July 27

I agree totally! I have always told my daughter that she doesn't like soda and she has bought into that. She has only had soda a few times, and mosly diet "7-on-up", as she calls it. Luckily, though, she is a water drinker. Loves it! I know that DCFS regulations at day care centers prohibit anything being given in bottles besides milk, formula or water. When my daughter started on juice at school, she had to use a cup.


lilmum - July 27

I know here that daycare and dayhome centers will not actually fill bottles. They require that if your child is using bottles, you must send them all ready to go with your child every day. I run a dayhome and under the rules and guidelines my agency (and the government) have set up, i am NOT allowed to give the children, including my own during dayhome hours, ANYTHING that does not fall under the canada food guide. If i had a parent send their kid to me with a bottle of pepsi (no matter what age) i would refuse to give it to them (not just because i have to) because i think it's just wrong. Why give your child something that has no nutritional value when they're growing and need all the good stuff you can fit into their little bellies.


P - July 28

That is just mindboggling. I'm at a loss for words. Why don't you just cram sugar cubes down their throat all day? Same difference. I'm worried about starting my dd on solids too soon and I'm talking cereals and veggies!! I just about keeled over when my doctor said to give her fruits!! Hell no!! She's only four and a half months! I'm also trying to think of ways to keep my sister away from my daughter until she's about 16. She's told me flat out that she will give her whatever she wants to regardless of how I feel. Anyone else have a tool like that in their family? Any tips to deal with them? I want my daughter develop healthy eating habits. I don't want her to be a moose like her mother and aunties but my sister seems determined to usurp any and all authority I may have. I have to move.


jacky - July 28

My pet-peeve is when other toddlers come and try to hit my baby or just bug her and their parents dont say anything for exp. My daughter's cousin is 1 1/2 years old and she threw her bottle which was full of juice at her face. My daughter started screaming. Her mom was right there and I thought she would tell her something but she didnt say anything to her. I was like hello ur suppose to let them know some how that what she did was wrong so she wont repeat it again.


D - July 28

Everywhere I go these days, I see a small child drinking pepsi, coke or dr pepper... I was beginning to think I was the only one it bothered any more! I've heard of people putting beer in the baby's bottle too... I shake my head when I see the caffiene drinks - I think I'd flip out if I saw alcohol!


E - July 28

D - I would call the police if I saw someone giving a child alcohol. Please don't tell me you live in a state where that is legal?


kellie - July 28

I think some parents are just lazy and don't want to take the time to prepare a proper bottle. It's sad. My pet peeve? People who bring their kids out in public in nothing but a diaper. I also can't stand when kids are running around with c___p all over their face and the parents don't take the time to wash it off.


Lynn - July 28

Thank you! I thought I was the onyl one that thought this way. My husband was given soda at a very young age (diet coke) and now drinks nothing but soda. Doesn't like water, juice, milk, etc,etc. Also, he only has 2 teeth in his mouth that are his own teeth from drinking soda. My MIL is the sanme way. I don;t allow my stepson to drink soda at all (except specila occasions) and tell my MIL that she'll be paying his dental bills in the future when she gives him a soda. Not to mention that the same kids who drink soda are also usually the same ones that are overweight too (including my stepson). My neighbors 3 year old goes into the fridge & gets himself a soda. It really doesn't have anything to do with potty training either- if anything, soda tends to run through you faster because there are less ingredients in soda that your body actually uses-the rest is waste. Also, remember that tap water is fortified with extra flouride to help keep our teeth healthy. They make bottled water for kids that has flouride in it also to help.


lilmum - July 28

kellie - NO KIDDING! Unless they are actually eating, why not just wipe their face? I buy unscented, alcohol free baby wipes just so i can wipe their faces with them too! Another thing i hate (while we're on it) is seeing two or more children in a single seating stroller! This afternoon i saw two kids in one stroller and at the exibition last week i saw THREE in one stroller (one was underneath in the basket!)! I know around here there are programs to trade-up strollers (for free to low income families who can't afford the double stroller or wagons) or just provide them for those who just don't have them (same with car seats). I actually saw a guy a few months ago carrying his one year old around in an infant carseat/carrier! All i could think was "is that really easier than just carrying your kid?"


(Maybe) Sad but true - July 28

Where I live, Parents can and do give their kids alcohol. We're not talking about a 5th of gin or anything, but it's legal. Furthermore, some churchs actually use wine for communion. (GASP)


N - July 28

I don't think that a sip of wine at church is exactly what we're talking about. We didn't mean to offend anyone, but giving your child a taste or sip is one thing, giving them a bottle full of liquor or caffine is another.


(maybe) sad but true - July 28

Yes, the other thing that is --is a difference in parenting styles. I am not commenting on whether either is good or bad, but most people do their very best to do what they believe is right. BTW no offense taken.


E - July 28

If you give your kid alcohol, I will be the first to offend you. I am not shy about it because it is so WRONG. Why does any child need to know the taste of booze? I don't care if it's beer, wine, a wine cooler, or Jack Daniels. I also agree about the pet peeve of kids with nothing but a diaper on. I saw this for the first time in the South. It was a hot day, but come on! It was in the mall, and it was fully air conditioned. I am not high and mighty so I hope nobody goes there. I like to have fun like everyone else but I draw the line at letting my kid taste what is most definitely an "adult beverage":)



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