My Child Beats Me

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K - January 9

Well, not quite, but when I am br___tfeeding she pounds on my br___ts like war drums. It's as if she has become so greedy that she pummels me in excitement. Anyone else have an aggressive breasfeeder?


Lisastar9 - January 9

Bf babies tend to do this because they know the tricks to get Mom's milk flowing faster,normal I would say.


Dani aka Kamries mommy - January 9

K...That is soooo funny...Kamrie does the exact same thing. It doesn't hurt but does kind of drive me insane!!! Wonder if she will ever stop?


LilMum - January 10

Mason does that to me too. Sometimes he uses both hands and kind of squeezes or pinches too.. I think Lisastar9 is right because whenever he does it my milk lets down really fast


Jamie - January 10

Renity will grab great big handfuls of my skin...can we say OUCH????


Christy - January 10

Ben does that sometimes. Usually he just hugs my b___st with his arms. :)


AutumnsMommy - January 10

Autumn does that to me too. It doesn't hurt, but it is kind of cute! Sometimes, she stops nursing, looks at me and smiles and "hits" me. I think she might just be trying to get my attention so she can smile at me!!


HEATHER - January 10

I feel like she's kneeding me like cats do!


FF - January 10

My son is bottle fed, but sometimes if he is eating or just snuggling with me he does the smile-hit-smile thing. It's cute but does get old after 9,000 times!


Shannon - January 10

hahaha, yeah Isabelle does this sometimes. her arms will just flail about and she'll wack her little fists into my b___bs. it's doesn't hurt but it kinda funny.


Toya - January 10

lol...awww. I miss that a lot! Yes, she would pound my b___sts as if she would make the milk come down faster. Then she would squeeze sometimes like they were her bottle.


hey heather - January 10

thats why the kitties do it too. He's just saying he loves you.


karen - January 10

Kodi squeese my b___st like a pump :)



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