My Dd Is Not Napping

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blueeyesin619 - October 25

My 13 weeks old is taking 3, 30 min naps a day...that's all. She still isn't sleeping through the night either so I am getting worried she isn't getting enough sleep. I know I have asked this before but does anyone have any suggestions? She is always swaddled for her naps. I have tried sleep machines, having her sleep outside in her pack and play while I read, her swing, my bed, a overstuffed cozy chair, soothing music, I have even gone so far as to make fake arms for her to sleep in. I am about to lose my mind! She sleeps fine if I hold her ( I just learned this in the past couple of days) I don't want her to get into that habit though. HELP!!!


madison - October 25

i hate to tell you this, but some babies just nap for 30 minutes at a time! my dd was the same way and would sleep longer if i held her, but who can do that for every nap? i would have never gotten anything done. my dd was (and sometimes still is) a cat-napper. it drove me nuts, too, and i was worried about the same things you are. my dd used to take 4 30min naps a day and she did that for quite a few months!! my dr. said it was fine and that babies will sleep when they are tired and that some babies require less sleep. i tried lots of things, too, and it didn't change till she was a little older. she's now 7 months and naps 2 x a day. every now and then she will take a 30 min nap. in fact she did one today for her 2nd nap so of course by 6pm she was so tired and cat napped for another 20 min in the car. i want to say around 5 months is when she started to take longer naps pretty consistently. we started her on solids at 4 1/2 months so that may have helped, who knows. she also started rolling over a lot at 4 months and crawling at 5 1/2 months so she was more tired. hang in there, i know how you feel but it will get better in time! oh- how does your dd sleep at night? my dr. also said as long as they are doing good at night, dont worry so much about the naps, they will get better. my dd started sleeping through the night at 4 months. good luck :)


DDT - October 25

To add: Also, make sure you are very aware of her sleepy signs/window...because if you miss them she will go into the over-tired phase where she will just refuse a nap altogether or take a very short nap. My ds now naps 2x a day at 8 months both ranging anything from 45mins-2.5hrs. Sometimes he will miss one nap altogether just like madison's lo and then is VERY cranky by 5-6pm.


KOGreer - October 26

my son is 17 weeks old and he takes a GREAT nap in the mornig in his swing, anywhere from 1~5.5 hours! Then the rest of the day I'll get two 30 minute naps as well. You can set your watch to it, 30 min on the dot and he wakes up. Have you tried the swing yet?



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