My DD Woke Up Screaming At The Top Of Her Lungs

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Faiths mommy - March 17

Yesterday my DD hardly took any naps at all she is 7 1/2 months old and finally when she went to sleep it was like 9:30 p.m. and 20 minutes later she woke up with this scream I have never heard before and her hands were shaking, could she have had a nightmare? Or could more teeth be comming in? She finally went to sleep at 12:30. She aslo spit up alot more yesterday. I should also let you know I started babysitting a 2 year old and she is a typical 2 year old could my DD be reacting to her. My dd is a very light sleeper and every little noise wakes her up, we live in a 2 story house and every little noise travels like you wouldn't believe. Sorry if it seems I am rambling I am trying to get to the bottom of the horrible scream I heard last night. I was so scared and sad for her because I did not know what was going on./ Thank you


Heidi - March 17

Oh I bet that was frightening to hear! Emma has done that only once I believe. She was sleeping in her crib in the next room and just started screaming and when I got to her the tears were just rolling. She hardly ever gets tears so I knew something was up. All I could figure was she had a bad tummy ache that woke her up or something. I wonder if babies dream that young? She did it yesterday in her exersaucer too. She was just fine and she was playing with this toy and all of a sudden she let out this scream and the tears were just rolling and I took her out and couldn't figure out what happened or if something pinched her. I felt so bad for her. She looked just horrified!


Faiths mommy - March 17

When I went to get her, her little eyes had a bunch of tears just funning down her face also she had snot comming from her nose, I was wondering also if it was a realy bad belly ache like you said but her hands were shaking as if she was sacred or something. Should I call her ped about it? Thanks


Heidi - March 17

Is she okay and back to herself now? I wouldn't worry if she is. Probably just got startled or something.


tiffani - March 17

Sounds to me like she might have had some painful gas pains. Do you have Mylicon gas drops? If not, it's a good idea to keep them on hand just incase the pains stick around for awhile. They really work wonders on little tummy's. :o)


Lillie E - March 17

in response to the question of if babies dream or not, the do! they dream even before you give birth. i notice my ds from time to time smiling and laughing in his sleep. my dh used to say "i bet he's dreaming about a land of mama milk, b___bs and all!"


Faiths mommy - March 17

She seems to be fine so far today, she has been sleeping for over an hour which is good considering the night we had last night. I wil keep the gas drops in mind we do have some.


Ginny - March 17

I love those gas drops!! Before I figured out that my baby couldn't stand the onions I was pa__sing her through the milk, they saved our lives! Baby Girl woke up wailing like you said, and we tried everything to calm her down. I finally thought of the gas drops I got as a shower gift and tried them as a last ditch effort. 5 minutes later she was fast asleep. And I know what you mean about being sad and scared, it just breaks my heart when she cries like that.


KrisD - March 17

SOmetimes I think they have bad dreams. Also, after my son's vaccinations, he wakes up screaming form time-to-time... even when I don't think he should be feeling the pain anymore. I think he is thinking about being hurt or something. Anyway, I must have a more dramatice baby than you guys, b/c I'd say my son has done that about a dozen times... Top of his lungs, shaking hands, beat red face... But usually before he does it, he is having a fitful sleep. Almost like when you know a dog is dreaming (Now I sound like an idiot comparing my son to a dog!)


kimmysmommy - March 17

oh my god...kimberly did the same thing a few nites ago...she is 3 mo and i just started puting her in her crib, instead of her ba__sinett, and she was in there for a good hour or so, and then bam, out of nowhere, she started wailing....i never heard her scream like that before...i ran over and picked her up and her little eyes were wide open, her little heart was pounding, and she even had tears in her eyes....i felt so bad for her. but i kinda rocked her and shushed her and she fell right back to sleep....weird, huh?? maybe a nitemare???? poor things...


Sarahsmommy - March 18

She may be getting sick. Also babies have night terrors. My little cousin has these and she starts screaming, but she's not awake and you can't wake her up out of them. The ped said just to try to comfort her til she calms down. My aunt said it's really scary though.



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