My Dh Wanted Me To Ask You Guys About This

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sashasmama - January 23

Our baby girl is 13 months old, and she looooves us so much, especially her daddy, she still has yet to say "mama", but the other day she said "hi daddy" and waved at him while saying that. He always makes her laugh so hard, well, anyway, all that changes whenever we are around other people. She stops paying any attention whatsoever to dh and I , and gets really flirty and cute with other people, but when he tries to make her laugh she just gives him a cold shoulder. I don't mind he doing that to me, because I feel like somehow that's natural, but my dh is getting his feeling hurt. He was complaining about it all night yesterday after we got back from his parents' house. She didn't want to have anything to do with him while there, and he got soooo upset by this, I tried explaining to him that kids act naturally different around other people because the don't feel as comfortable as the do with mom and dad, but he demanded that I ask you girls and see if any of your kids do that, he decided that he is going to believe what the majority says. So what do you think?


sahmof3 - January 23

Here's a point for your side lol. Mine act different around others, too. Like, my son will learn something new and do it over and over, but as soon as we try to "show it off" for others he clams up ;-)


sashasmama - January 23

I know, right! Our daughter does the same thing, we were trying to show her grandma how she walks, and she just stood there laughing, and wouldn't take one step! I'll let dh know that it's 2:1 now.


BreaunasMommy - January 23

our dd is the same way when we take her to my moms she wants nothing to do with us. She completely ignores us. dh says my mom brain washes her lol. I think its normal because they are in different surroundings and everything seems new and exciting. Tell your hubby not to get to hurt. I think its better than having a whiny kid that doesnt want to be put down or have anyone talk to her or touch her. Plus it kinda gives you a break,


sashasmama - January 23

BreaunasMommy, I totally agree, I don't mind, some free time for myself! But dh actually told me last night that he liked it better when Sasha used to cry and scream at the site of someone but us. He is such a jelaous man. I'm kind of glad in a weird way, because now he isn't just being super jelaous like that when it comes to me, but Sasha is also his little victim now, lol!


Rabbits07 - January 23

That's something I've always said you can count on a baby to do is to make you look like a liar. Anything you tell people they can do, they won't do it, if you mention they are so close to you, then they act like they can't stand's strange!


Crissy - January 23

Hi sashasmama! My dd, who is 15 months old, is the same way. She acts like we aren't even there when we're around my parents.. and whats worse is after spending the day with grandma and granddaddy, she cries when she has to go back home with us! lol It used to upset me, but now I guess I'm used to it.


rukidding? - January 23

agree with rabbit. my dad use to say the same thing and now i get it. babies, kids, and dogs make a liar out of ya everytime!


Bonnie - January 23

Every kiddo I know has done this. They do it because new people are mroe exciting instead of the same old farts they see everyday. ;P It's also why they tend to get all excited around daddy and then cry to mommy the most. *sigh*


BriannasMummy - January 23

My dd is the exact same way.. I think its because she knows when she acts all cute and flirty with other people they give her all this attention.. its different attention then you and dh would give .. i know it is with us at least. I think its pretty natural.. when Brianna goes to her nanny and grampys house.. she forgets that her daddy and i are alive.. LOL! ~Kristin~



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