My Ds Enjoys Getting His Nails Clipped

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DDT - November 1

I have a baby that enjoys getting his nails clipped and gums/tooth brushed.....I know WEIRD! He gets all calm and quiet when I bring out either the nail clippers or gum brush....opens his mouth or holds out his hand. He has NEVER fought me on either. I have never met a kid like him in this. Are there any other babies out there like him? Just curious...


ImpatientMommy - November 1

haha that's funny. I can cup my daughters nails no problem too. Did you say you brush your sons gums?


kimberly - November 1

Thats really cute DDT! I could never get my ds to let me brush his teeth. It is still a struggle and he is 4 now and forget clipping nails. My dd is only 11 weeks but she hates when I mess with her nails.


DDT - November 1

Yes, with a gum brush. There are a few brands that make them but I have the Gerber one. I do it after breakfast and after dinner. It keeps the gums clean and gets them used to having their mouth opened & teeth brushed for later on. I know it's hilarous...I think he likes the feeling when they are getting cut because he watches me very closely as I'm doing it...


Krissy25 - November 1

That's great, i don't even know if my lo likes it or not, i just wait until she is asleep. My guess is that she would squirm around a lot.


mamagoose - November 1

Tyler loves it too... I sit him in my lap, and when he sees the nail clippers, he leans back and rests his head on me and watches... He loves the tooth brushing too, whenever he sees the toothbrush he opens wide, and even after I've finished, he keeps looking at me with his mouth open, hoping I'll brush a little more I guess!


raeshawn - November 1

my 4 month old doesn't like her nails clipped. I have to distract her by playing or talking to her. I just started with the gum brushing, she really likes that. Although she usually sucks off all of the gel before I can get it around all of her gums!


DB - November 1

OMG-I am SOOO jealous. I have to fight with Audrey to clip her nails and she freaks out when I try to wipe her teeth!!!! No wonder I have a scab on my nose from being scratched from was so easy when she was little..


Happymommy - November 1

No I have NOT had any babies like that! Lucky!! Both of mine were terribly difficult and I even cut my lo's finger once by accident :( I cried I felt so bad. I am pregnant with my third...maybe this one will be like yours! Consider yourself lucky. He must think that it feels good to have you do those things.



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