My Ds Gets Into Everything

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BaileysMummy - February 10

My ds is 14 months old this week. I know most toddlers love to get into everything and destory whatever they can get there hands on, but sometimes he just drives me nuts! I have a flexible job and sometimes do follow ups at home, keeping ds with me....I have made our office a toy room as well, he has a ball pit, playtent and his big ride on fire engine...yet all he wants to do is destoy every bit of paper he can get his hands on...including my work diary and important doc_ments. While I'm making dinner (when dh is not home) he's opening drawers and cupboards :O I think it is time to childproof the house. He's not even walking yet. When will he stop getting into everything and just enjoy the hundreds of dollars worth of toys that he has??


Lalla - February 10

Never! I have made special cupboards child friendly in the kitchen for our dd. Ie I put all the plastic containers on the bottom shelves in the pantry and all the pots and pans that she can play with on the bottom shelves in the pots and pans cupboard. That way she is having a great time when we cook "together" and I can relax and don't have to say "no" all the time! the rule is when they start crawling: anything s/he is not allowed to touch goes high up or locked away!


BaileysMummy - February 10

I have moved everything from the cupboards, so all he can really access are plastic poisons/gla__s etc. and the bottom drawer of the kitchen, which are papers/bills. What drives me crazy is our pantry is broken so the door won't close...I usually hang the tea towel over the top so it closes.....but he'll open it and pull all the cans of drink out of the box and pretend to drink them. I must admit it is cute. He can't reach anything else. He cannot access anything dangerous at all, but I don't want him in the kitchen. We aren't able to put a gate across.....I worry about him when I cook. The joys of toddlers. Lol. He's going to be such a trouble maker when he's walking.


Rabbits07 - February 10

Don't know if this would be a viable option for you or not, but in your office you could try the gate system that is entirely's not the ones that you have to put up in a doorway, but looks like a fence within a room. You can buy those pretty large plus buy extension kits. I guess according to what size you need (as you would want all his toys to fit) would determine your cost. At least that way you could get your work done and he would be close but unable to get into your papers...what is it with babies and paper? lol.


sahmof3 - February 10

Maybe while you are in your office you could give your ds some old newspapers. It'll be a mess, but at least not a mess of important papers. My boys were so entertained by shredding newspapers lol.



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