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mandee25 - February 14

What is your favorite thing about having a baby? I'll go first. Of course I love it when he smiles at me. His whole face lights up. Another thing I love is how his soft little head fits so perfectly on my shoulder. Precious :-)


piratesmermaid - February 14

Discovering my girl's personality, how unique she is.


mandee25 - February 14



sahmof3 - February 14

Mine are a bit older, so... I love watching my 6yo learn to read... it's fascinating... he's gone from not even being able to read little words to reading whole sentences since September... amazing! I love watching my dd grow up and go from baby to toddler to little girl and watching how sweet and loving she is. I love snuggling with my youngest at bedtime. He will lay his head on lm shoulder and then look up and basically kiss me right on the lips. It's hilarious. He also "talks" during this time... some words I understand, some is just jibberish, but it's cute because it's like he's getting everything off his mind before bed lol.


MM - February 14

His smiles & when we cuddle!


KLC - February 14

I love watching him when he's fallen asleep in my arms :)


srigles - February 14

The big smiles and the way he laughs. And the way he's always looking around for me when someone else is holding him - makes me feel like we have such a special bond. :)


Erynn21 - February 14

I love baby laughter, and I love it when my dd snores, it is so cute. She's pretty bald and her peach fuzz of hair feels so good when I rud against it.


bradylove - February 14

The way he's facsinated by his own hand and how he waves at himself trying to figure out how it's so cute... And kissing his soft little chubby cheeks!


HANNAHs Mom - February 14

That's what I love too...babies are soooo kissable! and I could just smell them and snuggle with them all day long...


luviduvi - February 14

Kissing my kids' cheeks. DD are like marshmellows and ds are so chubby they are like sausages!


bradylove - February 14

That's funny luviduvi! I've never heard sausages before... lol!


MM - February 14

I love everything that has been mentioned! I never would have thought I'd be a "baby person"!


ssmith - February 14

Ohhh.....WAY too many things to list. Here are a few of my favorite things (hey, that's a song!) The smell of ther little head, her perfect feet, that deep belly laugh, the way she crawls into my lap, reading endless stories to her, that wide grin first thing in the morning, that big long sigh that she does as she's falling asleep. I love that I have been able to teach her so many things already. Okay, here's my ALL TIME favorite thing about being a Mom ~~ when I stand back and look at her, and I think to myself "she's mine, and I get to keep her."


C - February 14

I love when I pick my son up in the a.m. and he gives me the biggest hug. I also love when he puts a toy away and he says "yeah" and claps his hands.


mcatherine - February 14

My absolute favorite thing is that moment right before he falls asleep in my arms - when he is trying so hard to look back into my eyes and then makes that little whimper, lets his breath go and finally falls asleep. My second favorite thing is the look on his face when we hear the sound of the key turning in the lock and he starts kicking his feet, bouncing as hard as he can and turning his head no matter where we are to look at the door (even upside down) - Daddys home - and he knows it!!!


Rhiannon - February 14

I love the stupid things they laugh at. Today I was trying to work out and they thought it was hilarious. Great motivation for me. I would do anything for the laughter.



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