My Feelings On The Hannahbaby Vent Post

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pinkbo0tlace - February 5

I read the vent post that everyone was talking about (wow, I miss a lot when I don't come on here everyday! hehe) and I haven't read anything else on it but I thought I would give in my opinion. This is not ment to start another debate, or bash Hannahbaby as I try to be respectful as possible. I am utterly upset right now. I know it's just the internet, but that just fires me up! I totally can relate to Hannahbaby as people are always just thinking I am this or that, etc... It's never fair, and it's embarassing at moments. With that said, Hannahbaby got all worked up over people assuming things....but, she also assumed that people on WIC were poor, "knocked up" , and teenagers. Where is the fairness in that? Who really, is calling the kettle black? I am a young mother, and, yes, I am on WIC. I am SO thankful for this program. They helped me with br___tfeeding, resources for br___tfeeding, they make sure children and mothers are healthy, etc. As a tax payer, I am GLAD my tax dollars go to programs that help other people, 'cpeshally when it comes to br___tfeeding, food, and children. The term "knocked up" was totally rude. Hannahbaby classifide that as a term to say that a teenager got pregnant...but h__lo?!..women get pregnant the same way...married or single, old or young, so saying "knocked up" implys to ALL women, really. Nice, try telling that to the couple who tried for months, a year or more that she got "knocked up", try telling that to the rape victum, that she got "knocked up", try telling that to ME, who got pregnant in highschool, that I got "knocked up", I would LOVE to have anyone, and I mean it...try to say that to anyones face. Her vent was about people being "rude". Hannahbaby...situations arise that sometimes you cannot control AFTER the fact. I had no idea that my "soon to be hubby" was going to leave me after I got pregnant with my 2nd child....I need the help right now for the little extra so I can raise my children while I work pretty much full time at nights and finish college. Your post, Hannahbaby was extreamly offensive to me. I don't know if you have apologized, you don't really need to. A lot of people think badly of women who have children, are single, and are on WIC but (again) I am extreamly thankful. I believe once I graduate and get out in the business world and start making money, I will be more well rounded because I believe everything happends for a reason and maybe God is helping me through my times of hardship, so that when I see a younger mother, or a women that was left pregnant and alone, I can really talk and relate to them, and support them.


Felisha - February 5

bravo i totally agree with you and felt hannahbaby was being very judgmental and rude. and i do mean to bash her seems how i got "knocked up" and i am on wic. i am also on wic and i found her post very offensive


hello - February 5

I still think bonnie couldnt have put it better... Go take a bubble bath people.....


Dawn - February 5

Oh will you all just grow up. This is the second thread now that i've seen regarding the a__suming thread from Hannahbaby. I never get involved with these type of threads where a load of you act like children and pick on each other becuase of a simple comment but I think this one has gone far enough. Its as though some of you don't have any thing better to done but come on here everyday and b___h. Some of you need to get a life and stop taking things so personally.


CyndiG - February 5

I think it's funny that several threads have started in support of hannahbaby's thread, by apr, hannahbaby, and lollym for example. No one who did not agree with her position posted on those threads to say "grow up", "let it go", "don't you have better things to do", "get a life". As a matter of fact, no one who did not agree with her position posted at all on those threads. I really don't think it's fair of you to come on to this thread with that att_tude. I think all those other threads had a "they don't agree with me, so why don't they just shut up" feel to them, and that's ok. But you telling others to grow up and let it go, imo, is not right. We are all ent_tled to our opinions, whether they are what you believe or not. If you don't want to defend your position, then don't state it. Unfortunately, Hannahbaby opened pandora's box. It's hard to close. It will eventually die, but you and others telling everyone to shut up about it, won't make it die faster......


HannahBaby - February 5

Honestly, no one really cares about your feeling so why don't you get off your soap box and go take care of your children or something. I don't care if i offended you anymore, your acting like an immature little child and my question to you is, if you have it so bad and cant afford formula and milk and cheese, then how the HELL do you afford the Internet.......There's a question to ponder huh. I hope that offends you, because i am sick of people being nasty to me when i have apologised and you all just keep this going. YOU should be apologising, not me


CyndiG - February 5

Who is your post directed to hannahbaby?


HannahBaby - February 5

anyone who keeps this nonsense going. The initial thread has moved off the page and STILL someone has to start a new post and start a new fight thread. I am done apologising, cause obviously it hasn't done any good.


bbelmore - February 5

Holy sh*t! I don't remember any other drama thread going on this long! Hannahbaby, I do believe you deserve some sort of medal! (lol :-)... I really have no opinion regardng any of the initial topic aside from my generalised post on the original thread, I am just astounded by the ripple effect of the original! Wowee! I think we should all just drop it...


apr - February 5

actually cyndig, you might want to check out the post I wrote about the a__suming thread...I never came on making remarks about it and I wasnt insulting anyone. I was the first (i think) to ask everyone to move on and forget it...


CyndiG - February 5

you didn't apr, but others who posted did.


CyndiG - February 5

My point is that I agree that it should just die. But, telling others to shut up and not post their opinions when they don't correspond with yours is not right. That is my point.


ash2 - February 5

Here we go again...doesnt this make the 4th thread i have seen ???


mandee25 - February 5

Give it up people. Let it burn and get on with more important questions and fun threads like the ABC one started by Lisastar9 okay. Let's not fight. This is not what this forum is for in my opinion.


Bonnie - February 5

Hannababy, just on one comment. I am on WIC here in Idaho and we make $40,000 per year. It's not alot but we're certainly not poor. Being on WIC doesn't mean you can't afford the internet silyl girl. As to everyone in general......OMG, lmfao. Could you all be any mroe retarded at this point? At least you're making me luagh, sheesh.


Bonnie - February 5

(I need typing lessons)


HannahBaby - February 5

No bonnie, i understand where you are coming from but growing up we barely had enough money for food, yet alone the internet or a computer. I bet that 20$ that is paid for internet could buy quite a bit of groceries.



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