My Heart Melted

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Chelsey - December 16

My daughter had her first Christmas concert yesterday! It was just the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life! A bunch of 4 year old singing songs and acting them out... couldn't have asked for a better way to help celebrate Christmas! I had tears in my eyes, and have never been more proud of my little girl! Who knew a bunch of off key, loud, hyper kids could perform so wonderfully?!! Poor little girl named Isabella though, I have never seen a kid scream, freak out and almost die from the sight of Santa Claus! She was so scared! Just another reminder that kids grow up sooooo fast.....


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 16

Oh, that is so sweet! I can't wait til I go to see Lucas in a little school play. Wait-I don't want him to not be my little baby anymore either!


Chelsey - December 16

I love watching my kids grow, but darn-it, I love the baby stages too! Gabriel was 5 months yesterday, so I know his innocence isn't going to last for much longer...


monica - December 16 5 year old has these concerts too. but this year he stood by his friend and they were not behaving so they put a very tall little girl infront of him and she was wearing this flowery hat....So I could not see him too great... But yes they do grow up so fast...Do you remember your daughter when she was a baby....I only remember very little with my son since he is already 5..I say cherish every moment even when they are fussy and crying please video tape them as much as possible...Most of the memories I have of my son are on video.


Chelsey - December 16

I barely remember my daughter as a baby! Thank God I took millions of pictures to capture the moment! Funny about the little girl with the hat, Monica! I had a parent with big hair in front of me, so I had trouble taking pictures over her! I almost threw her to the floor! " Get out of my way! I've got pictures to take people!"


acinom - December 16

I thought your story was wonderful. To TO CHELSEY thanks for bumping this up.


Heidi - December 17

Before I got pg I used to go to my nieces Xmas concerts and I'd tear up watching the littlest ones singing. Too cute! I can't wait for that to be my Emma some day, but I can wait :)



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