My Holy Terror

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KrisD - December 29

Billy is 17 weeks...just about 4 mos. The past 2-3 nights have been HORRIFIC. He has cried longer and harder than I ever thought possible. At one point I stripped him to make sure there was nothing wrong with any body parts. He pretty much cries no matter what we do. Then he basically knocks himself out. He freaks when we feed him, bath him, lay him down... It's really been dramatic. My question is... Could this be a growth spurt? Teething? Is this normal? We were tempted to call the pediatrician but realized how comical it would be when they asked why we called....Umm, our baby is crying?! Anyone?


monica - December 29

could be teething....does he have any other signs of teething?


Ashley - December 29

Could it be a tummy ache? Has he been constipated? I don't know if he would act like that if he were having a growth spurt. Does anything make him calm down? If you call the dr. you could tell them that your baby is crying hysterically and he's not consolable (sp?).


KrisD - December 29

The crazy thing is, it just seems to be a night time thing. Almost like he is bored or hates that time of day. Sometimes my husband and I think we are just wimps. I mean, how much do babies cry?? The book I have says babies at this age cry 2.5 hours a day. That seems like an awful lot. Is that true? We are so new at this...


KrisD - December 29

Monica - he just drools a ton, he seems to claw at his ears a lot (I heard that is a sign) and cries when I put the bottle in his mouth. Perhaps his gums are bothering him... Are there other signs to look for (besides the obvious)?


Ashley - December 29

Another sign of teething is runny nose. hmmmm, no idea what could be wrong. Keep us posted.


Shelly - December 29

KrisD,if he is pulling at his ears and crying when you put a bottle in his mouth.....this realy sounds like an earinfection.I would just call the doctor,thats what they are there for.


SonyaM - December 29

Sounds like he has an ear infection. My son did this same thing, crying uncontrollably, pulling at ears, and not wanting the bottle. We took him to the ER and he had a double ear infection. Does he have a fever?


Jbear - December 30

Yes, sounds like an ear infection. Call the doc in the morning.


Narcissus - December 30

KrisD, have you ever given him tylenol to see if that would help? It's very possible he is in pain. It is okay to give tylenol infant drops when they are teething and are inconsolable. I recommend trying this next time and see if it makes a difference. He might settle down within 15 minutes.


KrisD - December 30

Thanks guys. Weird thing is, it only seems to be in the evenings. I will try the Tylenol tonight, however. I will call the ped in the morning if this night is as bad as the past three. Yikes. My husband wants more kids?! Why aren't there more 'only children' out there...


wenling - December 31

It's not silly. I rushed my baby at 5days old to the hospital cos i could not get him to stop crying. he was crying for 5 solid hours and haveing a really slight fever. turns out to be colic. heheh but sure scared me bad enough. My neighbour taught me somethingthat worked real good. hold baby upright and do like a half squat and then stand straight and half squat and stand. again and again. I mean, this don't cost a thing andif you are at your wits' end then you may like to give this a try.


Liz - December 31

My psychologist told me about a study that found babies tend to get fussy between five and seven pm. They don't know the reason why.


krystal - December 31

my son gets hysterical at night too. but i have figured out the culprit...he's tired and doesn't know how to handle it. i just rock him and bounce him and try to feed him then he will just pa__s out for the night.


Darla - December 31

Ear infections can be worse at night. My son did the same thing. Garlic oil drops in his ears really helped. We found out later that his ear infections were caused by a dairy allergy. We eliminated dairy and the ear infections never came back.



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