My House Is Falling Down Homeowner Vent

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flower.momma - February 3

Let me preface this by saying.. 1. I am very thankful to have gotten such a great deal on a beautiful house and so thankful that I have a home at all. 2. I am so thankful that I have a husband who can support me in being a SAHM and works very hard for my family, and finally 3..... My husband works at HOME DEPOT, so he has no excuse for the following. Aaaaaah. My hous eis a wreck! It is half-painted outside because hubby was too lazy to finish before the rainy season came. The bathroom sink is falling off the wall, the door knob constantly falls off. The hardwood floors are dingy and need refinishing. There is a hole in one of our ceilings, There are nail-holes everywhere. The uspatirs carpet is HORRIBLE and disgusting. The kitchen counter is this disgusting formica c__p that needs to be replaced. The toilet is leaking, the ceiling leaks in one place. It is driving me INSANE!!! Hubby is always saying he'll "get around to it". I have done the extent of what I can do, whcih is painting all of the walls, and keeping the mess clean so that it doesn't bug me more. Now, I can understand that he needs free time, and doesn't want to come come and work more, but the boy needs to get his priorities straight! Since we have moved here 2-years ago he has built a green-house, a rock-garden, and a shed. Now he has all these briliant plans for finishing the basement so we can get a renter. Shouldn't we maybe work on all of these c__ppy problems before we get make more?! Aaaaaaagh. This boy!


flower.momma - February 3

I just remembered more. Our deck is rotting, Our kitchen sink sprays. Our oven is posessed. Oh yeah, and there Is a weird swan motif on our shower tiles that I can't remove (I've tried) so whenever I take a shower I have to say "stop looking at me swan." LOL.


flower.momma - February 3

Sorry for typos BTW


HannahBaby - February 3

lol lauren i love you


vonzo - February 3

i'll come and help you out!!! I am OBSESSED with DIY, my husband has to fight me for his power tools, i get a mad glint in my eye and he knows when he gets home something will be different. I'll come over on a "working holiday" and do all your odd jobs all i ask for in return is tea and cake :o)


LisaB - February 3

vonzo that may be your calling set your own hours, work when you want to....


Lisastar9 - February 3

I agree with Lisa B you should make it your work I bet you would make a killing (money) . Look at all the houses which need fixing but don't get done cause similar dh's like flower.momma all over the world.


vonzo - February 3

I could be the new carol smilie/house doctor!!! I'd need a tv crew!! No DIY is complete without the before and after shots :o) Oh and a catchy name!


flower.momma - February 3

Oh, I've tried vonzo. But it is so hard w/ my 2 kids. My 2-year-old likes to "help" me and my son just screams. Plus, I don't know what I'm doing.


vonzo - February 3

Never fear Vonzo's here!!! that could be my catchphrase. I claim to know what i'm doing flower.momma but i don't really. I have a vision then set about it the best i can. The other day i was having a cup of tea and decided to paint the bannister. I get my shoes on disappear out and come back with some gloss, dh says "have you sanded that down yet to make the gloss stick" which i reply "erm...i was just about to do that i was checking the gloss wasn't gloopy first...*cough* do you think i'm stupid?! " teeheehee What they don't know wont hurt them!


vonzo - February 3

DAMN you're not gonna want to employ me now are you....


mandee25 - February 3

Haha you girls are so funny!!! Flower.momma I feel your pain. We bought our 100 year old house 3 years again when we got married and there is so much that needs fixing. We have a lot of the old sc___ped up hardwood floors and some tiles in the celing need replaced, the kitchen is a mess. It needs new gyproc, cupboards need painted, you name it! I am thankful we got a good deal on the house and there is tons of room for our family but I just feel like this house will never look the way I want it to.Some days I wish we could just sell and find something else but we love the location and the neighbors. I feel your pain!


eclipse - February 4

My house is old and needs to be updated, but its not falling down (yet). On the other hand, my yard is out of control, especially the back yard. We live in Florida and it is nearly impossible to keep up with it. I think it has a mind of its own and would take over the world if possible-it tries to take over the road already. My dad does landscaping and when he came down on Labor Day weekend we spent almost 8 hours a day out there beating it back. It is freaking ridiculous. I try to keep the front yard decent so we aren't killed by our neighbors, but the back...OMG. It has been known to stall out our mower, and the back fence line broke our weed wacker. LOL Point is, I'm thinking of you. We just need lots of money to hire help, or be put on a show that will pay for us to get it fixed. Extreme Makeover, home edition!


megzi_03 - February 4

I can empathize with the homeowner issues... everytime something gets fixed, something else is falling apart. After two years of our addition leaking (literally, everytime it rains, water drips through our ceiling), we finally found that the people that put in our windows are at fault. No more leaks & they have taken full responsibility for the damages, but then today, we wake up & the pipes that run along the outside wall to our upstairs bathroom are frozen!!! No water... My dh told me that if the pipes burst I need to take our daughter & leave because he's going to burn the place down. This is our money pit!!! I should also mention that our family room ceiling is water damaged from the tub pipes upstairs, there is a hole in our garage roof from a branch that damaged it, we can't use the sink in our first floor bathroom because it leaks, we have nine doors upstairs to refinish; luckily we got the rest done. Our house is seventy years old & had very old people that lived in it before us & didn't update... anything. Fix-ups have been a chore because nothing is square, old wiring & not being able to 'replace' parts because they aren't made anymore... I wish my hubby worked at Home Depot... he's clueless about all these fix-ups!


Erynn21 - February 4

Your house sounds similar to mine, w/ one exception my hubby, he does do a lot of stuff, he completely gutted and remodeled a bedroom to make a nursery for our dd(who now sleeps w/ us, lol). It took all of last summer, but it was done before her arrival in September. Our current dilemma is our bathroom, the floor is falling in, and we have only one bathroom, so we will have a porta-potty outside and a bath in our laundry room(I think) this summer. So I am in a 100year old house w/ a bathroom falling into the ground, there's other things too, but I love my old house. My husband grew up in this house and it's on 3.5 acres in the country and it's mine. We just fix it room by room and love it, plus, where I live the property values keep going up so my funky old farmhouse just keeps being worth more and more. Plus I cannot wait to have my new bathroom, it will be worth the suffering to have my awesome new one.


Rabbits07 - February 4

Haven't you ever heard that plumber's houses have the worst plumbing on the block, electrician's houses have the worst wiring and so on? LOL. I do believe it's true. My dh is a building contractor and while our house isn't in too bad of shape the guttering is practically falling off and here we have this big truck in our driveway advertising SEAMLESS GUTTERING....I told dh that the guttering hanging off the house could be bad for business!


Erynn21 - February 4

Rabbits is so right, I mean my dh used to install wood, gas and pellet stoves you'd think we'd have the best chimney and stove, heck no. Now he's an electrical apprentice(almost a journeyman, yea) but he did rewire our entire house, so we do have something that is new.



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