My Husband Got Sent To Prison Today

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Emma - November 2

Hey everyone, I've written here before about my seven week old daughter. This has nothing to do with baby care, but my husband got sent to prison today for 15 months for a nonviolent crime that happened almost two years ago. I have no family or friends in the area; my husband was the only one. I have my daughter of course who is my life, but I feel so alone right now. I should be sleeping but I just don't think I can. When I think about the year ahead that awaits, I get a knot in my stomach-- I don't know how I'll figure everyone out... Has anyone else been in this situation? I could sure use some inspiration right now...


Jamie - November 3

*hug* My husband is in the Army; we're stationed in Germany. A lot of units are being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and I constantly live with the fear that he'll come home one day and tell me that he got orders to go. Maybe you could contact a local church or school, and ask about play groups, and try to build a support system for yourself?


try this - November 3 what area are you from?


Emma - November 3

I live in south eastern WI. I've never heard of but I'll definitly check it out. Thanks!


me - November 3

My husband got sent to jail about 5 years ago. We didn't have any kids at tht point, but, it was the loneliness time of my life. Being apart for so long, and dealing with the "stigma" that jail comes with, we had some marital problems. Mainly due also to the fact that my husband regreted that he did not know what I was doing, or didn't believe me when I told him. My heart goes out to you Emma, and your husband. I know my husband was a totally different person when he got out. It took a long time for him to adjust to the real world again, and for us to being apart for so long.


Lissi - November 3

Sorry to hear about your situation Emma. It must be awful to be left alone with a young baby. Hope you find the support you're looking for, and if you need to vent, you can always come here.


keekee - November 3

I live in WI too. Sorry to hear about your hubby. Tons of Hugs and I hope all is well soon


Hard Time - November 3

Emma, so sorry to hear about your husband. I am not in the same situation that you are in but my brother is in a state prison Right now, and it is so hard on the family. I know for sure it is probably really heart wrenching for you. I was the same way as you with not sleeping and wondering if he was ok and what not. But, it is not that bad for them. It is you that suffers most. I hope that all works out for you. will he be able to work in the prison he is in? If so he can send you money home for the baby. Hope all goes well for you.


star - November 3



momma - November 3

sorry to hear about your husband. hope it gets better i checked out matchingmoms i hope there are some closer to you then they are to me (closest was over 25 miles) im from northeast WI....i hope my cousins gf isnt pregnant (i think she might) becouse my cousing might be going to jail i know a cousin isnt the same as a husband but either way it sucks


Heidi - November 3

Sorry to hear that Emma. What city in SE WI? I'm in the SE corner of Minnesota. Too bad we weren't closer!



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